Happy Anniversary to the Birth of a Book!

The cats helping me as I type my final words of the manuscript

It was exactly one year ago today, that I finished writing the draft of my literary masterpiece, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary.  The first thing I did after I typed the last word of the book was cry. I cried with relief, exhilaration, pride, and sheer over-exhaustion. The next thing I did, was give it to Dan to read for the first time. I had holed myself in our office as a relative recluse for a whole year prior as I diligently poured my heart and soul into this story. I really hoped he would like the story – after all, much of it centered on him, since he is an integral part of my life with Zee and Zoey. I was definately a bit shy, hesitant, nervous, but proud to hand it to him for his approval. Not to mention, I had never written a book before, so I had no idea if it was even good! When I heard him in the background laughing out loud, I just thought I would burst with joy!

Madalina in Romania with a stray kitten she found that her family kept - they named her Itsy!

After the enormous relief of Dan’s approval, without a minute to spare, we instantly drove to Barnes and Noble to envision how this book would look on a shelf and we began to visualize the cover and concept for individual chapters, uniquely filled with delightful artwork and stunning photographs to compliment the story! A few short weeks after that, my manuscript was printed and bound and given to my brilliant designer, Madalina, who took the book on a plane with her to read on her way to vacation in Romania with family for several weeks. She was going to be the one designing all the custom artwork and I wanted her to be the first one to read the story so that she could visualize the concept and begin the project when she came back from Romania!

Me in NYC attending a writing seminar

This bound book has subsequently traveled to New York City where I attended a writing seminar, to Pennsylvania to visit my brother, to Illinois where my Mother took it on a flight from Florida to attend a reunion where she read it for the first time, and most recently, back to New York City where I attended a Pet Writers Conference. Many revisions and months later, it now has been printed in triplicate for back cover reviews and has traveled to Virginia, Michigan, and Canada!

Visiting with my family in Pennsylvania - and yes, we are all wearing cat ears!!! Isn't that normal for a family portrait?

Now in its final stage – just minor editing and tweaking – I have decided to self-publish and Madalina will have the book fully designed by the time her twin girls are due this June/July (a lot can happen in a year)! If we can keep on schedule, the book should be print ready and available to read and enjoy this fall!!!

Thank you all who have been a part of this wonderful journey with me and Happy First Manuscript Anniversary to me!! And Happy Memorial Day as well!

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  1. Catsparella says:

    Congrats, and Happy Manuscript Anniversary, Deb! Best of luck with everything..I can’t wait to see the finished result 🙂

  2. Madalina says:

    Congrats!! Has it been a whole year already?? Wow time does fly when you’re having fun! The journey has been wonderfully rewarding so far and we’re so close to seeing the book all together! I’m very excited to be part of it.

    • Deb says:

      Yes Madalina – time does fly by! I have had so many wonderful moments working on this book with you and can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to bringing the world of Zee and Zoey to life in such a charming and exquisite way!! Thank you for being part of it all – next year should be ever more exciting for all of us!

  3. CONCATULATIONS!!! HUGE CONCATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the finished product ! Loving it!

  4. Congrats Deb! I can’t wait for the book release! I’ll be clawing my way to the front of the line to be the first to buy your book. Cheers, Christine