Happy 7th Birthday to my Feline Loves – Rolz, Mia, and Peanut

The kittens at Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles are all grown up and turn 7 years old.

Happy 7th Birthday to three of my favorite felines – Rolz, Mia, and Peanut

I remember the day like it was yesterday – Zoey was pregnant and nearly bursting at the seams. She came into my bedroom early on the morning of February 12, 2009, to wake me up to let me know she wanted me to be with her. It was still pitch dark and I grabbed my robe to follow her into the living room where I curled up with her on the couch. Her silky body was toasty warm and she tucked herself into the crook of my belly, purring up a loud storm.

A few minutes later I felt her body slightly contort and the next thing I knew, a kitten had been born on my lap… That’s how it all started. She had one more kitten on my lap before I was able to get her into the safety of the birthing room we had created for her in our bedroom closet where she subsequently had two more kittens (with a lot of help from Dan who was able to grab a towel and get the kittens into closet without incident).

Kittens that were born and live with the mother cat the rest of their lives.

Zoey and her kittens a few days after they were born. She was such a great mama and loved taking care of them so much.

It’s a moment I’ll never forget. That Zoey trusted and loved me so much that she wanted me with her while she gave birth is an honor and privilege I will always keep close to my heart. We kept 3 of the kittens and gave the 4th one to a dear friend that lives in Boston. He named him Zeuss Catt and Zeuss is very well loved and taken care of.

The kittens have long since grown into gorgeous adult cats and thankfully they have never known a day of hardship or stress in their lives (although they might argue that point because if I feed them even one minute past 5:00 pm – which is dinner time – that’s stress to them!). The most amazing part of it all – these guys have been together literally 24/7, living in an identical environment with both of their cat parents still with them (Zee & Zoey), yet they have distinctly unique personalities.

Kittens that have grown into cats and still live together.

A photo of Peanut, Mia, and Rolz all grown up – picture taken just days before their 7th birthday!

Rolz is the most aloof of the bunch, Mia is shy and reserved, and Peanut is a lover. Interestingly, as they have aged, the one thing they have in common is when nighttime falls and we all sit on the couch at the end of the day, they all want to snuggle and become lap cats. During the day… not so much!

Happy Birthday my darling ones! I love you all so very much and you bring such joy and happiness to my life!


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  1. Maggie says:

    That’s an amazing story- Zoey shared her kittens with you, her human Kitty Momma. Wow.
    What a bond. Happy Birthday! There’s a lot to celebrate.

  2. What a wonderful story they have. Happy birthday to Rolz, Mia, and Peanut.

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Kittiez!
    Thanks for sharing your story and your day with us…

    Purrz of Happy Valentines Day
    From the Katie Katz

    Do stops by and help us with our Auction Fundraiser starting tomorrow..
    The Valentine Auction Pawty am just getting started!
    at thepurplekattery.blogspot.com

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Such a beautiful, loving bond! What an amazing story!

    Happy birthday, Mia, Peanut and Rolz. We hope you have a most wonderful day, and that the year ahead is filled with happiness and an abundance of love.

  5. Angie says:

    Happy triple birthday! I’m always learning more and more about you all!

  6. Angel Ms. Phoebe's Family says:

    We have your book as a treasured member of our cat library and have always loved the love story of Zee, Zoey and their babies. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PEANUT, MIA, AND ROLZ!!
    Purrs, Clove & Kaspars