Happy 12th Birthday to Rolz, Mia, and Peanut

Happy 12th birthday to Rolz, Mia, and Peanut.

How is it even possible? As my fingers type the words, Happy 12th Birthday to Rolz, Mia, and Peanut I can hardly believe it. How is time slipping away so quickly?

So much love and so many good memories. Happy birthday my sweet kitties and here’s wishing for many, many more. Happy birthday also to your brother Zeuss Catt, living a loving life with his family in Boston.

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  1. Brian Frum says:

    WOW, a purrfect trio. Happy Birthday sweeties!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Rolz, Mia, and Peanut!

  4. Ellen Pilch says:

    Happy Birthday to three cuties!! XO

  5. Mary McNeil says:

    Happy Purrthday to your wonderful trio ! And many more !Purrs!

  6. Ingrid King says:

    Happy Birthday, kitties!

  7. Happy Birthday, Rolz, Mia and Peanut! May you get lots of treats!

  8. Charles Huss says:

    Happy birthday to Rolz, Mia, and Peanut. You are all blessed to be together for so long.

  9. Happy Purrday to all of you, you sure are CUTE!!!

  10. Leah says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful kitties!

  11. jmuhj says:

    Happy 12th PURRthday, Rolz, Mia, and Peanut! May you enjoy this and many, many more, in good health, safety, comfort, best care, and of course, so much Love!

  12. meowmeowmans says:

    Wow! You three are 12 already? Time sure flies when you are loved so much, huh? 🙂

    Happy birthday, Rolz, Mia, and Peanut! XO

  13. Sue Brandes says:

    Happy Birthday sweet kitties.

  14. Caren says:

    Wow I can’t believe it’s been 12 years either!! Happy Happy Belated sweethearts! xoxo

  15. Happy Purrs Day, kids! My little family will be 14 this summer. Where did it go?

  16. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    guyz…we haz ben off line fora few….happee bee lated 12th two ewe all

    hope yur day waz awesum lee soooper lee troo lee epic lee grate; heerz
    ta 12 mor anda yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥