Got Cat Weird? Open Submissions for Upcoming Zee/Zoey Publication!

Let's face it - cats get a reputation for being independent and aloof, but we know them for the funny, silly, crazy clowns they are!

If you’ve got a cat with a great story to tell, we’d love to hear from you!

Cat sleep on your head? Bring you gifts at night? Act like a dog? Steal your food? Cause you to LOL or scratch your head in puzzlement with whatever funny, strange, silly, or oddball behavior they are exhibiting at the moment? The weirder the better and I say bring it on! As a matter of fact, I’m reaching out to you, my dear Zee/Zoey readers, with an opportunity to be featured in my next book (title to be disclosed at a future date) to share the zany!

I know you’ve seen it firsthand – let’s face it, if you read this blog, you’re already an expert in cat weird. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be featured in a book about cats?! It’s simple – all I need is a few sentences or a very brief paragraph (75 words or less) describing either the weirdest habit your cat has (or had – this can be an angel cat), OR the weirdest habit YOU have as a result of being a cat parent.

Let me give you a cat parent example – regardless of the fact I know I lock the front door when I leave the house for work, I will still shake on the handle several times to make sure. Then in an act of complete paranoia, after I walk a few steps away, I will walk back to the door to check it again to make sure it’s locked. I know, weird, huh?

How about a weird cat habit? Hmmm… my cat Mia likes to jump up on top of my head to settle in for a nap after I get out of the shower and wrap my head in a towel.

So, you tell me – what weird do you have to share? Strange stuff your cat eats, litter box etiquette, weird toys your cat likes to play with, outrageous stuff your cat has done to your boyfriend, or odd places your cat likes to nap. Or maybe your cat has done something heroic, like woken you up to let you know you left the stove on. Or how about you – just what crazy lengths have you gone to for the love of your cat – the sky’s the limit when it comes to stuff we can share and I welcome thoughts across the board.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what I’m looking for, I’ll fill you in on the basics. I’m writing the book – the input I get from you is to compliment the story and is not the book itself – that’s why I only want very brief examples to pepper within the book. The bottom line is, with over 70 million cats living on the streets and in shelters, I want to bust the myth that cats are too aloof and independent to make good pets (a reason they are often passed up for adoption) by writing a book that exposes all the wonderful personality quirks cats have that make them so endearing!

I’m hoping for a fall/winter 2016 publication date, but I really won’t know for sure until I get closer to completing the project. If you’d like to participate, please send me your crazy to for consideration. Be sure to include your name and how you would want me to credit you in the book if chosen. For example, Your Name, Title/Occupation, City, and State. And if you have a picture to document the weirdness, even better! I can’t say it will be used, but you never know (high-resolution photos only 240dpi or 300dpi).

I’ll keep you in the loop as things progress – I’m super excited for this new project and I think you’ll love it too!! Submissions are open world-wide – if you are chosen, I will send a standard follow-up permissions form for you to sign and we can go from there!

Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Pat Hatt says:

    Saw this on tabbies blog, does a cat obsessed with yanking out arm pit hair count? lol

    • Deb says:

      Oh dear heavens Pat! I’ve heard some odd lately, but this really takes the cake!!! So funny – thank you for stopping by and sharing!

  2. Weird is our middle name. I’m going to have to think what’s most appropriate. This is a fun idea. Are you crowdfunding?

  3. Bernadette says:

    Good heavens, how did I miss this? I have some catching up to do? I’ll have to limit myself in the number of stories.

  4. Beth nesbitt says:

    my cat painter come over to me a couple of nights ago witth a gift of a mouse in his mouth

  5. I tried several times to send Russell’s new trick but I could not get it to post on
    Can you give me some advice?

  6. Jonny Payne says:

    Oh my! Where to begin?


    Little Man was named mascot of my military unit in the US Air Force. He had a habit of lying on his belly with his hind legs straight out in back and his front legs straight out in front. So, I took a picture. A young officer who worked for me saw it and doctored it to make it look like Little Man was flying a missile (he added a cape, too). Our commanding officer saw the doctored photo and immediately declared Little Man our mascot. A stuffed cat was purchased, a miniature cape was made, and the “virtual” Little Man was taken on trips for photos whenever someone from the unit had to go on a trip for military purposes.

    Our Tortie, Cocoa, is a rescue. She was found wandering around a Harley dealership. Brought her home to discover two weeks later she had a severe case of ringworm. She was shaved multiple times during treatment and spent 8 months in our master bathroom isolated from everyone else. She used to hide under towels to keep warm (remember, she was shaved to the skin most of the time). Now, she simply MUST sleep under the covers next to her daddy. She’ll paw at my hip, then circle around and cuddle up — and purr like crazy. (There is an entire chapter in my book, Mighty Little Man, about this event.)

    Sunshine, a calico, LOVED attention. She used to lie on my chest with her nose about a millimeter from my face. As long as I had my hands on her, everything was fine. But if I stopped petting, she would clamp her teeth down on my chin (gently) until I resumed the lovin’.

    Little Man chased a burglar away from the house. I got a call at work one day from the security company. The police and my wife beat me to the house. After breaking through two doors, not a single thing in the house appeared to have been touched. When I got home, Little Man met me at the destroyed door to the outside as though he was standing guard. He even forced the police to walk around him. He did not move until daddy got home. Pawsome!


    I once drove 2,800 miles round trip to bring a cat (Sunshine, from above, was staying with my son in South Dakota) to Alabama for her one shot, one cure treatment for hyperthyroidism. The total bill, not counting the gas and hotels on the trip, was over $1,400 for the shot and two weeks of boarding since she was considered radioactive for a period of time. She fully recovered and continued to love her daddy.

    All of this and more is included in my book, Mighty Little Man.