A Leopard Does Not Change Her Spots With Age – Happy 12th Birthday to my Beautiful and Wild Bengal, Miss Zoey!

Happy 12th birthday to my favorite wild kitty!

Bengal cats, the result of a cross between a wild Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat are known for many things, most noticeably their speckled, marbled, or spotted coats that give them that distinctly wild look. They are also great jumpers and climbers – so much so, they can jump up to three times their height in a single leap, boldly letting you know as they do, because they are also quite loud and chatty as a breed. Zoey, our Bengal, who is celebrating her 12th birthday today does not disappoint the breed – even with her officially being a senior cat, she shows no signs of letting up, down or quieting her true nature.

Case in point – due to several cats of ours that can’t seem to behave, witnessed by the territorial marking on our bed of late, our bedroom is now off-limits with the door shut. However, because we live in Florida and we need to run the air conditioner, we are forced to keep the door open so the air unit can properly function. Our solution – a very tall, 6-foot-high, wicker divider we bought to place in front of the open door to allow the air to circulate but to keep uninvited feline guests out.

With Zoey that door didn’t have a chance in heck of winning…

Zoey’s response to that? A rather loud and dramatic guttural meow she bleats while jumping over the wicker gate in one fell swoop to the other side. “Senior cat? Ha,” says Zoey, as the other cats look at her from the other side of the wicker contraption, marveling at her accomplishment.

What can I say? She’s my girl and she’s been loud and dramatic ever since we got her as a tiny kitten who fit in the palm of my hand. I love her to pieces and wouldn’t have her any other way. Okay, maybe she could lower the decibel at bit at 5:00 a.m. in the morning when she starts to rouse to demand breakfast, but other than that…

Happy Birthday, Zoey – I love you today and every day!

Happy Birthday, Zoey! I love you so much and wishes for many, many more!

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  1. Happy birthday Zoey!
    That is a very impressive jump.

  2. Mom says try Feliway that is what she had to use to keep Scylla from marking her bed.

    Chimera MOL MOL says fences are made to be jumped.

    Happy Birthday Zoey!!!

  3. Zoolatry says:

    Happy Day to your amazingly beautiful Zoey! (my silly little Zoey had her 14th just a few days
    ago …)

  4. Edith Chase says:

    Happy Birthday Zoey!!!

  5. You are adorable, Zoey!
    Happy Birthday…hope you score some tuna…

  6. jmuhj says:

    Happy, happy PURRthday, Miss Zoey! *And many, many more, enjoyed in safety, good health, comfort, good care, joy, and LOVE!* A true beauty. And as for the voice, our Tarifa, who is tortoiseshell with Siamese or Burmese genes in there somewhere, is our smallest, eldest, and LOUDEST. She bellows. She bellows in the morning for her breakfast. She bellows whenever my roomie is having meat, fish, or poultry. And she bellows in the late-thirty darkness when she makes a “kill” and parades it through the hall, to place it in front of their door.

  7. Theresa Spaid says:

    Happy Birthday Zoey! Enjoy your special day!

  8. Happy Birthday to Zoey!

  9. Happy Birthday, Zoey!! We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your big day. We hope you get plenty of delicious treats and new toys to play with. Thanks for the share. Have a pawsome and fun day.

  10. Mary McNeil says:

    Happy Purrthday Zoey! And many more !

  11. Brian Frum says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday beautiful Zoey!

  12. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Cody turned 13 on April 1st

  13. Cathy Keisha says:

    Whoa! Happy Birthday Zoey! Even I’ve stopped a lot of my jumping.

  14. Ellen Pilch says:

    Happy Birthday Zoey! I know about marking, my Sammy can only be in the bedroom when we are in there or he decides to mark the spot. Stay healthy. XO

  15. meowmeowmans says:

    Happy birthday, Zoey! We hope you’re having a spectacular day!

  16. Happy birthday Zoey ! Purrs

  17. Zoey Hayes says:

    Happy Birthday pretty girl! May you have many more.