Workout Your Cat in Style with the Kitty Treadmill Scratcher from Royal Cat Boutique

download Nothing makes me happier than being able to share with my readers great cat products for our feline friends – one of them being the functional and stylish Kitty Treadmill scratching pad from the folks at Royal Cat Boutique – makers of handcrafted, durable, luxury cat furniture. 


Fresh out of the box and Zoey, Peanut, and Mia are already to begin testing the Kitty Treadmill!

Naturally it wouldn’t be a review at Zee and Zoey’s without my gang of product testers who happen to be experts when it comes to scratching, so when our Kitty Treadmill arrived they already had their sharp claws raring and ready to go. I barely had the Kitty Treadmill out of the box before they got to work, and because a cat’s need to scratch is instinctive, there was no need for coaching – they instantly took to the durable, sisal covered scratching pad.


Without even a moment’s hesitation, Kizmet digs his claws deep into the thick sisal to exercise his claws.


As usual, Mia takes a more subdued approach and decides to use the Kitty Treadmill as a lovely piece of furniture to sit on.

For human’s, that translates to keeping them from scratching on our furniture, but for cats, the Kitty Treadmill is so much more. Cats are born with claws for a reason and providing them with plenty of safe outlets to scratch is extremely important to their health and well-being. The sisal on the Kitty Treadmill is tightly woven and is secured to a durable wood base that is constructed with a slight incline so that your cat can adequately stretch and flex their body to work off energy as well as to sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of their claws.


Peanut offers to do a full demonstration of how the Kitty Treadmill works. First step – climb onto the pad and dig the claws in to sharpen them as well as to remove any dead layers.


Reveling in her natural instinct to scratch, Peanut tells the world, “Yeah Baby, that felt good!”


Completely at ease and relaxed from her workout, Peanut settles for a peaceful nap on the Kitty Treadmill. You will note the slight incline gives Peanut the luxury of letting her front paws drape in typical feline fashion.

We happen to have lots of scratching posts at our house – some of them are basic, mass-produced corrugated boxes, to elaborate cat condos with scratching poles. What is unique about the Kitty Treadmill, as with all of the products at Royal Cat Boutique, is that they are made in the USA and each one is handcrafted to be the best choice for quality, durability and value. In simple terms, that means that kitty has a durable, functional and high quality scratching pad, but for me, it means I have a beautiful, one-of-kind piece of designer furniture that will last for years to come.


One of the many Kitty Kastles available, I was naturally drawn to this model called the “KTP Ginger Leopard.” While a bit pricey for me – it retails at $1299.99 – I appreciate the beauty and design of it and would love to have it in my home!


This fun post is called the “SPHP” and comes in several great patterns like this tiger stripe. It is a versatile piece, offering a nice vertical design to give kitty valued high space as well as a sturdy base and sisal scratching post (retail value $224.99).


The Kitty Treadmill is 18 inches long and 10 inches wide and comes in either Black, Hush Beige, or Livos Adobe.

Please be sure to visit the Royal Boutique Cat site to see for yourself – they are a cottage industry and would love your support. From the Kitty Treadmill to their incredible Kitty Kastle towers, every piece is designed to look like a work of art and they are committed to giving you quality pieces of furniture that you will want to show off, but your cat will love!

The only real problem I had with the Kitty Treadmill was that some of my kitties got a bit possessive (ahem… Zee) and did not want to share…

Zee on Treadmill

Zee is King of the Kitty Treadmill castle and is happy as can be to survey the lay of the land from the comfort of the scratching pad.


Jazmine wants a turn on the Kitty Treadmill too! This might not go well!

Zee and Jazmine

As I said, the only drawback to the Kitty Treadmill in our multi-cat household is that we only have one! Zee is not taking kindly to sharing and is telling Jazmine that in no uncertain terms!

Zee and Jazmine

Jazmine takes shelter next to our kitty toy basket and Zee checks in to make sure she doesn’t overstep her boundaries!

King Zee

And just like that, Zee is back to being King of the Kitty Treadmill castle! And don’t worry about Jazmine – she is fine and was off to something else two seconds after Zee scolded her!

While this post is sponsored by Royal Cat Boutique and I am being compensated for helping spread the word about their company, at Zee and Zoey’s, we only share information we feel is relevant or important to our readers. Royal Cat Boutique is not responsible for the content of this article.

For detailed information on why providing outlets for your cats to scratch is so important to their health and well-being, and why declawing can be so dangerous, please read Scratching the Surface on Declawing Cats and Trying to Uncover the Reality of Martha Stewart’s Opinion on the Controversial Subject

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  1. Truffles definitely needs a scratcher like this so she’ll stop using my rugs! We love the beige.