A Father’s Day Tribute to Zee!

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Shortly after we got Zee, we began a complete knock down, drag out renovation of our home. Zee was with us every step of the way and loved being part of the process!

Once upon a time, a long, long, long time ago in 2005, way before high quality photos and knowledge of the Internet and blogs, there was a kitten named Zee who was still so young that he had not yet grown into his full, fluffy mancoat. For the most part, he was a happy and content cat, sharing his days with his older feline family members, some boring humans, and a dog. Because he was an active and curious sort of fellow, eventually his older feline family members got tired of his bold and obnoxious kitten ways, the dog ignored him, and while the humans were well intentioned, they were no substitute for a cat’s company and he longed for a younger kitten  playmate to share his pent up energy with.


Jazz and Zee were always good buddies, but Jazz never gave Zee the physical run for his money he needed.

Being that the human’s loved Zee very much, they sensed he needed a friend and that is when they decided a new kitten would be the perfect addition to their household and decided to adopt a Bengal kitten, which the female human had wanted for many years. The instant that they brought the kitten home, they just knew the name Zoey would suit her personality and Zee feel instantly, head over heels in love with her.


Zee towered over Zoey when they first met, but she never once was intimidated by him and the love story between the two of them was practically instantaneous!

Zee and Zoey - Love Story Begins

Zee and Zoey were inseparable and adopting her was the best gift we could have ever given Zee.

The love story of Zee and Zoey was one of profound and epic proportions. So much so that a book was written about it. However, as sometimes can happen with young love, surprises occur and low and behold, much to the significant displeasure of Zee, he found himself a father and no longer a carefree cat enjoying unbridled adventures with his beloved. His beloved was now a mature, responsible, and VERY BUSY cat who barely had a minute to pass even the quickest of glances at him and he was NOT HAPPY!!


This is how Zee looked for the first month after the kittens were born – angry, sullen, and petulant!


This picture would melt even the hardest of hearts and eventually these little sweethearts captured Zee’s love!

Now, as kittens have a tendency to do, they get deep under your skin, to the very core of your heart and soul and you fall deeply, madly in love with them. Which Zee did. He was the father of four kittens – Mia, Peanut, Rolz, and Zeuss – and all of a sudden it clicked with him that he was a father and those were his children. And so here we are, 4 years later and Zee still loves his children very much and they adore him. And then there came Kizmet – another son enters the family. Not by blood, but Zee has taken to him just as much and is ever the father to him as well.


Proud Papa Zee with his kittens all grown up!


Zee with his boys – Rolz and Kizmet sharing some nap time together!

So, dear boy Zee – Happy Father’s Day! You are an incredible Daddy Cat and so dearly loved and cherished by your family – both feline and human!! And Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Zee & Zoey’s to all of you wonderful Dads out there – whether human, furry, scales, fins, or whatever!!!


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  1. Ms. Phoebe says:

    I love the story of Zee and Zoey, and so does my Mom. We are the proud owners of a copy of their book, and cherish it as a part of our kitty library. Do mew ever wish Auntie Deb that Zuess had stayed with all of mew? I know he has a good home, and mew get to see him and hear about him often, but it must have been hard. My human and I love mewz family’s story and how much love mew have for one another. What we love most especially is that when referring to mewz family, mew don’t hesitate to include Zee, Zoey, Jazz, and gang as part of it just like mew do mewz human members. My Mom thinks people who do not consider their feline, canine, any other species ‘pets’ as family members are psychologically and emotionally stunted. I think they just need proper training! MOL!

    • Deb says:

      Ms. Phoebe – thank you so, so much for the kind comments!! It makes us very happy to know you enjoy our book and we feel like you are a part of our family for knowing us so well! As far as Zeuss, it was very hard to say goodbye to him, but we knew he was going to a good home, so that made it easier. It is actually kind of cool to watch him grow up from afar – we get lots of pictures and email updates, so we always know what he is up too! And yes, us kitties are very much part of the family and that will NEVER change!!! xoxox