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Wednesday, Whiskers, and Math…

by Deb at 6:50 AM • Wordless Wednesday15 Comments

I love everything about the geometric composition of this photograph of Peanut which is a perfect display of  lines, angles, and shapes. From the strong vertical lines of the fence with the contrasting bands of sunlight to the stunning display of her long and angular face framed with perfectly spaced whiskers, the whole picture is a wonderfully captured lesson in mathematics!

Review of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey by Angie Bailey of Catladyland

I had the pleasure of getting to spend a lot of time with Angie Bailey of  Catladyland while I attended the CWA conference a couple of weeks ago. We had met very briefly prior at BlogPaws over the summer and I am so happy to add her to my growing list of wonderful cat blogging friends I have met over the past year. Angie is a beautiful woman, both inside and out, who not only has a wonderful sense of humor, but is also a very sweet, humble, kind, warm, and genuine person. She is much quieter in person than you might expect and is always smiling which I love about her. When she agreed to review The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey for me, I was quite curious how she would interpret the story – would she focus on the books humor, since Catladyland is so humor oriented, or would she find a much deeper meaning to the book?  To find out the answer to that question, please click here to read the full review!

Waxing Poetic – A Case for The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey

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I slept in this morning for the first time in months and woke up with the instant urge to wax poetic from my soapbox. We traveled quite a distance yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and it appeared somewhere between the turkey and the coffee, that Christmas had already begun. As we drove home in the dark and entered our neighborhood, it was already ablaze with the jarring commercialism of Christmas lights. Now, mind you, I love Christmas and I love the lights, but can’t I even digest my dinner before a new holiday begins?

Exhausted from the day, instead of going to the computer like I normally do, I crashed on the couch with Dan and the kitties to relax from a wonderful, but weary day. Rather than feel the peaceful calm I was hoping for, I was bombarded with non-stop ugly and loud commercials telling me to go stand in line to be the first one let in for the trampling of crazed people looking to buy a TV at 40% off at midnight. Geesh…. Not only did I not feel compelled to fall into the frenzy of possessed shoppers, I became stronger in my mindset that we need to do a serious rewind to days gone past in our lives. Read more

Wordless Wednesday – Giving Thanks


Meows and Purrs From Harley, Rolz, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, and Jazz

I will be on the road this Thanksgiving heading out to have dinner with family and won’t be posting for a couple of days, so I just wanted to wish everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving” from all of us at Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection on this Wordless Wednesday. I know for me, this has been an incredible year and I cannot believe where the journey of my life is taking me. Borrowing from the ultimate lesson my cats have taught me – I feel that every day I am blessed with is extraordinary and filled with such possibility and hope. Thank you all for being a part of my human and feline life and I look forward to so much more with you all.

And on another note, Karen Nichols from Mousebreath did a cat-tastic review of Zee & Zoey’s book the other day, but I was at the CWA Conference and unable to post about it. Please click here to read her fun and zany take on the story as well as to enter a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of the book! She will announce the winner on Thanksgiving day!

Book Review of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey by Caren Gittleman of Cat Chat

Caren and I at BlogPaws 2011 in Tysons Corner, VA

Since Caren Gittleman of Cat Chat and I share so much in common, in particular our love of cats, the same sense of humor, and the same birth sign (Libra), I was quite honored when she graciously agreed to  provide a recommendation for the back cover of  The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey. Many months have passed since that point and my friendship with Caren has only deepened. I respect her opinion very much and was thrilled when she offered to review the book. Caren has a heart filled with endless love and devotion for those she cares about, and because of that I knew this story would strike a special cord with her.  I am so pleased to share her review today and to also offer an opportunity at her blog to win an autographed copy of the book. Please click here for details.