Will the Real Zee and Zoey Please Stand Up!!

After I got back from BlogPaws and all the swag was dumped on the kitchen floor, the cats were suitably curious and impressed…. but wait a minute, what’s that over there in the corner?

While the others are distracted by the cat toys, Zee notices something in the far distance and raises his tail as a signal of alarm to the others!

"What the heck?" hisses Zoey as she jumps up to the counter for a better view to asess the potential dangerous situation

What the kitties did not realize, is that I had taken a Flat Pets class at BlogPaws and made life size standing duplicates of Zee and Zoey!! Sure, the edges were jaggedy and I did a bad job, but to the cats, they were certain intruders were in the house and they were NONE TO PLEASED!!! While I don’t have pictures of everyone’s reaction, I can firmly tell you now how my cats would react to the question I have asked myself numerous times lately – how would they feel if we brought another cat-mate into our household?

Well, our eldest, Jazz, was completely non-plussed, as he had already witnessed so many cats coming and going in his long life that he found the whole ordeal dreadfully boring. Our tortie, Harley, remained on the couch where you will always find her. She did not come in the kitchen to witness the situation and I am not certain she actually knows how many cats live with her. She is THAT lazy! Peanut remained true to Peanut – she boldly went right up to greet these new visitors and welcome them to our family! Mia’s reaction was the strongest of all of them – when she caught wind of these feline impostors, her thin and bony tail morphed into the size of a racoon’s tail right before our very eyes! She remained transfixed for several minutes before she ran off to a safer place!

Left - Mia before her tail poufed four times its actual size! Peanut is to the right, getting ready to jump down and introduce herself to her new friends!

While Zoey was initially curious and concerned, being the intelligent creature she is, she quickly realized it was nothing more than a photo mounted on foam board with spray adhesive and went back to curl up on the bed for a nap. Zee became more terrified with each passing second as he slowly crouched, inch by inch, towards these Godzilla sized creatures! At this point, if you had touched him on his back, he would have jumped to the ceiling in fright!

Zoey up close and personal - she imeadiatley says, "fakers!" Zee has bravely moved a couple inches closer...

Left to his own devices, Zee ventures a bit closer but remains completely terrified!

The only one left to make his opinion known is Rolz. I think his reaction says it all!!

Plop... that's what I think of you impostor Zee. Yawn... now can we get back to playing with our toys?!! Dad, it's safe to come out now!! I took care of everything!

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  1. Cheysuli says:

    I don’t think Chey ever noticed flat Chey. Ichiro just tried to attack flat Skeezix when Karen loaned him to us!

  2. Our the mom wants to do that to us but we is sure Mooch wud shred the impawsters.

  3. their reactions were just priceless! Oh how I loved this!

    it must be amazing to live with so many cats with such diverse personalities!

    I laughed when I read about Peanut, Peanut sounds just like Cody…everyone who enters is a friend who he MUST meet and greet!

    I like Harley’s style…….just stay far from the madding crowd and block it all out!

    • Deb says:

      Caren – without a doubt, it is an absolute riot living with seven cats. Not only is each cat unique, but within each cat is diverse range of personalty quirks, just like us humans!! Zee was the funniest of all of them – it took him practically an hour to move four inches! I think maybe Peanut and Cody are part dog!! They keep forgetting they are supposed to be “unfriendly and aloof!”

  4. Well, we admit…we prefer the real Zee and Zoey to the flats!!

  5. CATachresis says:

    Poor Zee. I wonder if he was taking his job very seriously as head of the family? Intruders!!!! Unless of course he was trying to get to grips with the concept of flat pet doppelganger! lol I must admit for a moment I wondered what on earth you had done? Flat pet??? Sheesh! 🙂

    Like Caren I was fascinated to see the different reactions. xox

    • Deb says:

      Yes Caro, poor baby Zee indeed! He is such a sweetheart and means well, but he truly is one big, fluffy sweetheart who is scared of his own shadow!! He tries his best to keep his family safe and sound, but he really is quite a hapless boy!

      The individual reactions were absolutely priceless!!

  6. Weetzie's says:

    Great photos! Zoey’s face is amazing in that shot. Concerned… and mildly pissed off! This made me laugh so hard – “… and I am not certain she actually knows how many cats live with her. She is THAT lazy!” Her, I like.

    • Deb says:

      Weetzie – I am glad I could make you laugh, because your comment has made me laugh!!! You really read Zoey’s face perfectly and you are not alone in your like of Harley – she seems to resonate more than any of my other cats with everyone! 🙂

  7. Vicky says:

    Weebs says she’s all swoony over Zee and would take a flat Zee any day of the week!

  8. Vicky says:

    Weebs said to tell you that’s a bald-faced lie — I’M the one all swoony over Zee!

    • Deb says:

      MOL Vicky! You always give me a laugh or two with your comments!!! I live with Zee and I still swoon over him. There is not a time I walk by him that I don’t grab him with a big snuggly bear hug! He is just the sweetest, most irresistable mancat on this planet!!