Reviews for The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
“Zee and Zoey are the charismatic stars of The Chronicles, but Deborah Barnes also introduces readers to the evolving cast of characters of an entire feline community. I was immersed in the richness of their lively stories and the laughter and tears that are part of sharing our lives with these sensitive creatures. The author exquisitely captures how they give us so much in exchange for so little. This book may be the most inspired and rewarding read of the year for anyone who has ever known or loved an animal.” Click to Read Full Review.

~Carol M. Upton, Freelance Writer and Co-founder Sunshine Coast School of Writing

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey are a treasure, simply enchanting, captivating and engrossing, both as a true story the author shares about her life with her feline clan, and as a visual masterpiece of stunning photographs and delightful artwork. They say animals are drawn to those who emit a “blue light” and Deb must have this aura radiating from her like a floodlight because she doesn't just write about her love for her cats, she LIVES it as well. Because of this innate understanding she has for this beloved species and the trust they have for her, she is able to translate the most ordinary of everyday life events into a story that is nothing less than extraordinary!” Click to Read Full Review.

~Caren Osrin-Gittleman, Pet Blogger/Freelance Writer, Cat Chat

"I just finished this book yesterday and I am still overwhelmed. The book is written with so much love an passion and I could not put is aside. It is really encouraging to realize that in our selfish world there are still many people who care about our environment and the animals. Love and respect for those courageous cats. The story about Deborah Barnes and her animals is heart warming and just beautiful."


"A visually gorgeous book, this story also reveals the beauty inside the author's heart and the love that can evolve between felines and their human friends. Inspiring to anyone facing a challenge in life and wishing to learn from it, as the author turns her personal challenges into triumphs. And a delight for cat lovers!


The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey will make you laugh, smile, and occasionally wipe away a few tears. A treasure for cat lovers of all ages.” Click to Read Full Review.

~Ingrid King, Author Buckley’s Story and Founder and Publisher, The Conscious Cat

"The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey is an elegant dream of a book, impeccably designed with gorgeous photography and lush illustrations. It’s a feast for the eyes. And the soul. There’s not a cat lady (or cat guy) alive who won’t identify with the story, replete with job loss and love and yes, lots of cats. I went back and forth as I read it trying to identify its niche: was it a cat story, or a cat lady’s memoir? It doesn’t matter. You won’t be able to put it down." Click to Read Full Review.

~Karen Nichols, Founder and Publisher, Mousebreath

"I do believe that anyone who has a cat or cats should read this book. I am 70 years old and I could not put this book down once I started reading it. I laughed, cried and everything else that could be emotionally brought out of me. How would I rate this book? Amazon only has 5 stars, I would give it 10 stars. Great, great book."

~Dennis J. Marko

"After reading the description, I expected to be enchanted... but the experience of reading the book was so much more... the book exceeded my expectations... the best way to describe it would be to say that it felt like I was invited to be part of their lives while I was reading the book... so to come to the end of the book was like saying good bye after spending a long holiday with a close family friend..."


"As cat lovers, we know felines have the miraculous ability to know exactly when we need extra love and encouragement, hop in our lap when we most crave comfort, and, ultimately, change our lives in ways we'd never imagined. This is what happens to author Deborah Barnes and her two and four-legged family in her new book, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey. Through each of the visually stunning pages, Deb takes us along on her journey than spans several years and several cats, all leading up to the love story that is Zee and Zoey. Zee, a magnificent male Maine Coon fell ears over tail when he met high-spirited female Bengal, Zoey. What happened after that was what Deb herself calls, "the extraordinarily ordinary," although the effects of these cats on each other, as well as the humans around them is far from mundane. Through job loss and financial challenges, Zee and Zoey remind Deb and those around her what's really important: maintaining a positive attitude and a sense of humor, unconditional love and support, the power of a strong family unit, and the undeniable influence of Ellen DeGeneres."  Click to Read Full Review.

~Angie Bailey, Catladyland and Writer

“The story made me laugh and was such a delightful read… feline lovers of everywhere will savor every page. The writing style is so effortless and people will easily relate, as the story of the cats [Zee and Zoey] is wrapped into the general context of everyday life.”

~ Madalina Iordache-Levay, Bright Pink Studio – Art Director & President

 "What a wonderful treat! Reading this book not only put me in a new world of appreciation of our feline friends, but also qualified the full extent of  compassion and love a human being can extend to them, despite their own problems. As a true “dog lover,” I was in awe at the photographs which are absolutely captivating.  After the first few photos, I stopped reading the book and went page by page looking at the various poses of Zee and Zoey and friends, returning to continue reading after I was able to savor every photo. This is truly an artistic achievement! A must read for every Cat Lover and for those who will surely become a Cat Lover after reading it!"

~ Carole Martin, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham - Director of Sales

"Everything about this book is exceptional. The prose, the photos and the illustrations are all first class. This is a book to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you have young children you'll have a great time showing them all the cat and kitten photos. You don't need to be a cat fancier to appreciate the book, but you might just become a cat fancier by the time you've finished reading The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey. However, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey is more, much more, than a book about cats. It's a book about love, life and the relationships between Deborah and Dan, their relatives, friends and some felines who pull the whole thing together. Even though I'm partial to dogs this book is, as we used to say, the "Cat's Meow!" After you've read it, marveled at the photos and illustrations, I'm sure you'll put it on your coffee table for your special guests to pick up and be enchanted by this first time author's brilliant work. That's where my copy is going if I can shake it loose from my wife. I know that I'll pick it up often to reread and look at the photos and art work. I truly hope that Deborah Barnes has something else in the works. She's too good to stop with just one book. Dan Power's photography should be on exhibit, if it isn't already."

~Warren A. Searls, Hot Springs, AR

"This book will leave you purring for more! The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey is a story that takes you on a wondrous journey about the extraordinary essence of cats and their relationship with humans, especially the author, Deborah Barnes. A personal diary in a Disney-esque presentation, it draws both adults and young readers alike. The complementing photos alone are stunning. The author accomplishes what few can do by articulating the mystical nature of cats with magical prose that is a page turner. A must read for anyone who claims "I'm not a cat person." You will fall in love!" Click to Read Full Review.

 ~Christine Michaels, Former non-cat person and Founder of Riverfront Cats "The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey by Deborah Barnes is a richly illustrated cat memoir to delight the heart and soul of any cat lover. Every page is a work of art." Click to Read Full Review.

~Layla Morgan Wilde, Founder - Cat Wisdom 101 and Intuitive Cat Coach / Writer / Photographer

"Every reader will find the Chronicles of Zee & Zoey to be a charming and entertaining book.  As a big cat lover myself, the stories that author Deb Barnes shares reach right to my soul.  It is well written and is filled with wonderful pictures and artwork that will entertain everyone.  The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey would make the perfect gift for friends or family."

~Nick L. Sacco, Author In Heaven Kittens Play and Host of Pet Talk Radio

"Deborah Barnes captures the magical essence of cats in her book about Zee and Zoey. After quite a few life changes, Barnes ends up with her fiance living in Florida, with her seven cats. The adventures that the cats go on, and lessons the cats teach are fabulous. A well written book, full of gorgeous anecdotes, pictures and multiple cat and dog stories, truly captivates the reader, so that they feel that they too are owners of Zee and Zoey! Barnes delights reader with rich prose and details that leave the reader warm and happy. There is without a doubt, no reason that this book should not be on your shelf!"

~Rachel Shubin, Cat Blogger / We Have a Situation

"First of all, I will say this book is Amazingly Beautiful inside and out. The quality top of the class, the photos and illustrations are exceptional, the colors are beautiful, the font is pleasing to the eyes, it’s just a book that you gotta love!

As for Zee and Zoey, they are adorable and I enjoyed their entire journey throughout this book. And I especially enjoyed their four babies. I couldn’t put the book down when I was reading about each week of these four new babies’ lives. And the adorable pictures of these precious little ones were so cute I just can’t stop looking at them. How I wish I could get my hands on one of them! Of course they are grown now! But Zee and Zoey’s story is well worth reading.

But, this book is not only about Zee and Zoey, it is about the life of the author and her family, as well as all of her animal friends down through the years. I couldn’t help thinking how blessed these precious animals were to have this family to live with, and especially the ones the family rescued. This is one amazing family.

So, if you are a dog lover and think this book is not for you, think again! You will enjoy it as much as anyone. And this book is good for anyone who loves animals. Your children will really enjoy looking at the amazing pictures here in this book. Really, I just can’t say enough about this book. So why not grab a copy for your coffee table to have as a great conversation piece when someone comes over. You will not be disappointed, and will have a wonderful addition to your library." Click to Read Full Review.

~Joy Hannabass, Splashes of Joy

"What a heartfelt journey from page 1....I was thinking that this was a story about Cats when it was presented. To my surprise this was a story of life, not unlike my own, where these fantastic critters get introduced throughout the chronicles to truly change the ordinary events into extraordinary. Thank you Debbie for taking the time to create this book. We all face challenges and often overlook how our animal friends can help us through these difficult times. I will be recommending this book to all. On my recent 4 hour trip to visit family over the holiday, I could not volunterr to drive as I could not put the book down. I plan on ordering copies for Christmas presents as the book is beautiful and the stories so uplifitng. "

~David A. Higley,  Macungie, PA

"I thought this was an enchanting read, filled with delight, laughter and sorrow.  I loved the characters of each of the cats and how the author shared them with the reader.  Oftentimes would could almost see the antics being shared and much giggling ensues after reading most of the passages found within." Click to Read Full Review.

~Jennifer Chatham, Mad Moose Mama

"If you are looking for a book to read that will capture your heart, and include lots of vibrant photos to share with your family, then I highly suggest this well thought out, interestingly chronicled story of two cats, and the lives they shared, the owners that loved them, and the true meaning of life, love, and happiness." Click to Read Full Review.

~Molly Edwards, Reviews by Molly

"I absolutely loved the design of this book. The pictures of the cats enhanced the narrative and helped me to experience it more deeply. Even the non-cat pictures and designs contributed to making the book a very pleasurable reading experience. I recommend The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey to any cat lover!" Click to Read Full Review.

~Jolene Arrant, Reading, Writing, & Ruckus

"This book kind of reminds me of the concept of the TV comedy, Seinfeld...a story about absolutely nothing...but actually, it's about everything. Lives lived. The ups and downs, and ins and outs of ordinary days, that often add up to extraordinary experiences. Love between people, love between animals, and the family bonds of all involved." Click to Read Full Review.

~Elizabeth Neas, Libby's Library Reviews

"I liked this book very much. I loved some of the crazy things that Zee & Zoey did. It was great to read about life with cats and how they change us and bring us so much joy. We are animal people and love both cats and dogs. My kids also like the beautiful pictures and we read some of this book together. Deborah did a fantastic job on this. I loved the pictures. I can’t gush enough about them. The whole book is just beautiful! The book does stir up lots of emotions in you. You laugh. You cry. I loved how Deborah takes us through life’s journey of kids, love, hardship and of course her cats. I think any animal lover out there would love this book. It is great to share even with the kids. They will be amazed at the pictures. If you want a heartfelt journey I suggest you pick up a copy of this book." Click to Read Full Review.

~Mary Reiss, Sweeping Me

"Charmingly chronicled, stunningly photographed and beautifully designed, Deborah’s book testifies to the incredible bond that humans share with each other, people share with their pets, and animals share with one another." Click to Read Full Review.

 ~Ramona Vincent, Create With Joy

"I fell in LOVE right away with this book, not just all the amazing pictures of all the kitty cats but how the book was laid out. This book will have you in all emotions I cried, laughed, and felt happy and sad...  If you want a touching story that will leave you feeling blessed to have what you have then please read this Journey of Deborah's through her cats, and her family you will not want to miss the Adventure." Click to Read Full Review.

~Vanessa Brooks, Ohio Girl Talks

"When I first saw the cover of this book I knew it was something very special and I just had to read it. Not only is it filled with great photos and beautiful artwork but the story itself captures your attention from the very first page. Zee and Zoey are indeed remarkable cats. Deborah Barnes has written a wonderful story around two of her cats, Zee and Zoey. It is a love story of two fabulous felines and their devotion to each other. But the story goes much deeper than that. This is also Deborah's story and how the two title cats, and a variety of other pets, have affected her life. Deborah also shares her own life and struggles. A broken marriage and financial hardships and then a new romance. The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey is more than just another animal story, it is a story of life." Click to Read Full Review.

~Judy Weber, The Road to Here

"I absolutely adore this book.  The moment I looked at the cover, I fell madly in love.  The photographs throughout are exceptional and glowing with love (and mischief, lol), the writing is marvelous and delightful.  Deborah Barnes does such an excellent job of blending the pictures of the adorable and ornery kitty cats with their story. Deborah Barnes has a true talent for bringing beauty to the world through her words and her ability to share her life - as well as the lives of her animal fur-family members.  I hope that Ms. Barnes has more work in the makings, as I for one would love to see what else this wonderful author comes up with." Click to Read Full Review.

~April Pohren, Cafe of Dreams

"I love this's as simple as that! This is the kind of book and story that make you happy, make you see what love animals bring to the world and how endearing they can be.  It touches the human spirit in just the right way, and it makes you want to help make sure animals everywhere are taken care of.  Zee and Zoey will make readers smile, shake their heads and really feel the emotions of a cat-owning family.  It left me with an overwhelming urge to make my cats feel a little more loved." Click to Read Full Review.

~Lindsay Horne, Everyday is an Adventure

"If there is a cat lover on your list, you better rush out to pick up a copy of  The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey by Deborah Barnes. In this moving story of living with and loving your pets, Barnes shares the story of how her pets came to live with her and the joys they have brought to her life. Though the story focuses on Zee, a male Maine Coon, and Zoey, a female Bengal, and their loving relationship, readers are also treated to reading about the many other pets Barnes has come to own in her life; their quirks, their antics, and even how they interacted with each other." Click to Read Full Review.

~Cheryl Malandrinos, The Book Connection

"I’d like to start off by saying I’m a huge animal lover.  I’ve had cats – lots of them – dogs, rabbits (well, one), hamsters, birds, you name it, so I knew I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey: A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary by Deborah Barnes.  I can’t even begin to name all the reasons why I love this book but if I had to narrow it down to one – the pictures are breathtaking and worth the price alone. The photographs in this book are beyond beautiful.  Barnes’ writing style is superb and the storyline keeps you captivated.  Owners of Bengal and Maine Coon cats will particularly love it, but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to own one of these cats, this book will help guide you and show you what to expect.  I do want to also note the cover was the most beautiful cover I have ever seen – kudos to the designer!" Click to Read Full Review.

~Dorothy Thompson, Literarily Speaking