Reviews for Makin' Biscuits
"I consider myself pretty much in the know about cats. Reading Makin' Biscuits made me realize there is always more to learn. I learned more about cat behaviors and felt like part of the family. Deb brings you into her world of felines, her life, and how they share the love. Loved the book and highly recommend it! As a matter of fact, I love it so much, I'm reading it again for the second time!" ~Brenda Bently "It's a fun, whimsical quick read (or a long one if you want to savor it). It's packed with insightful, on-target behavior stories. Chapters like "You can pet me just don't touch me!" are a scream. What's unique about the book is including anecdotes about how we as humans accommodate our cats. Like not wanting to push them out of OUR chair because they look like they belong in it. Deb Barnes really "gets" cats AND their human "assistants." If you can't relate to one funny behavior, there's another on the next page where you'll say my friend or friend's cat DOES that! I first bought the Kindle then the paperback...after reading a couple of chapters bought a 3rd for a friend. Lastly I left the book by accident in my doctor's office last week. When I returned a couple of days later, they didn't want to give it back because all the doctor's staff was having such a good time reading it! FINALLY got it back! Recommend it as an enlightening read or as a gift for a cat lover friend." ~Water and Wings "In today's world where the popularity of cats has soared, there are still shelters overflowing with cats in need of a home. Many wound up there for behavioral problems that could have been solved by understanding the instinctual mindset of a cat. In Makin' Biscuits, Deborah Barnes tackles this subject in an enjoyable, easy to read manner as she shares a compilation of funny, sweet, and poignant stories from ailurophiles around the globe. FOUR PAWS UP!" Click to read full review. ~Caren Gittleman, publisher of Cat Chat With Caren and Cody "I am a huge fan of Ms. Barnes' work, and her third novel does not disappoint. Makin' Biscuits not only resides on my bookshelf, but that of several others who I gifted this book to. 10 stars Deborah, regardless if the limit is 5!" ~LW "This a very cute book that will delight everyone who loves cats!" ~Amazon Customer Makin’ Biscuits provides an entertaining look at feline behavior, but don’t be deceived by the lighthearted tone of this book. Deborah Barnes provides solid, well-researched information for cat parents who are trying to understand their feline charges better.” Click to read full review. ~Ingrid King, award-winning author and publisher of The Conscious Cat “In Makin’ Biscuits, Deborah Barnes uses humor to deliver a serious message about responsible pet ownership. With anecdotes from cat lovers, as well as experience with her own cats, Barnes gives us a whimsical, candid look at life with cats plus tips, suggestions and references to help keep them happy. Written in a conversational style, she shares funny, eccentric and often touching tales of cats and their people. My favorite anecdote is the story about an owner who “time-shared” Tux the cat with loving neighbors for eight years. Read on to find yours!” ~Ramona D. Marek, MS Ed., author, Cats for the GENIUS "Funny and charming!" ~Abigail Vaughn "What I thought was going to be a series of "just" cute cat stories turned out to be so much more. Ms. Barnes knows her kitties, so this wonderful book is informative, filled with heart and awesome quirky cat tales. I love the fact that so many people were truly involved in the making of this book; there are little snippets as well as lengthy narratives from some of the other most popular cat people today. If you are a cat lover, this is the book for you. I laughed out loud at times, found myself brought to tears at others. But I learned so much as well from a writer who truly loves felines and has such a knowledge of them. Kudos for a wonderful series of cat "tails!" This book should be in every cat lovers home, as well as veterinary offices and animal rescue shelters. Just loved it!" ~Karen L. Malena “Not only does Deb Barnes know cats but she also understands cat lovers—and the extremes we’ll go to make sure our felines are happy. Tips and tricks are deftly interwoven with personal stories and advice in this volume that will be a fun addition to every cat lover's bookshelf.” ~Paris Permenter, author of 33 books on pets and travel and blogger at Makin’ Biscuits is a fun read that reminds us through anecdotes from both the author and other cat parents of the odd, unexpected and entertaining things cats do that keep our hearts and homes full of love and laughter.” ~Tamar Arslanian, author of Shop Cats of New York and publisher of "Makin' Biscuits helps humans feel not-so-alone in the quirky day-to-day life of living with cats. It's a funny, sweet, and informative page-turner that's sure to entertain anyone who's owned by a cat or three…or five.” ~Angie Bailey, author, Texts from Mittens and Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds “As someone who has devoted his life working toward better health for pets and the people who love them, I’m always excited when I find a new and unique resource to help enhance the human-animal bond. In Makin’ Biscuits, Deborah Barnes expertly and cleverly provides an insightful look into the feline mind via a variety of real-life stories from cat guardians worldwide. The result—readers are treated to a wealth of practical advice and tips they can easily relate to help keep their cats as happy and healthy as possible. A highly-recommended read for cat lovers of all ages.” ~Dr. Marty Becker, “America's Veterinarian,” contributor to Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show, three-time bestselling author of 25 pet-related books "I expected a collection of cute-and-funny kitty tails, but Makin' Biscuits is so much more. Each chapter introduces a particular "feline foible" followed by real life examples that prompt smiles, gasps, sometimes welling eyes, but always delight. The author could stop there—but bookends these Mews From Others sections with pithy Purr Points to Ponder complete with explanations, speculations and cautions. This is a treasure of a book cat lovers will lap up like cream!" ~Amy Shojai, CABC, author of 30 pet care books and a founder of the Cat Writers' Association “No matter how quirky, odd or crazy you think your cat is, Deborah Barnes’ Makin’ Biscuits lets you know you’re not alone. Ms. Barnes and the others who share their stories about the eccentricities of their kitty companions will make you laugh, cry and identify. An absolute must for any cat lover!” ~Stephanie Piro, nationally syndicated cartoonist and the Saturday Chick of King Features' Six Chix "What a delight to read! Deb Barnes has gathered a terrific collection of touching cat stories that are sure to make you smile. She marries these stories with important cat behavior lessons, resulting in a unique and enjoyable book that sheds light on so many misconceptions about cats.” ~Kate Benjamin, founder of Hauspanther and co-author of Catification and Catify To Satisfy “Just when I thought my cats couldn’t get any sillier, more resourceful, creative or cunning I’m realizing the possibilities are endless and they’re in good company. Deb Barnes’ collection of real life stories of those funny habits our cats have is endearing, enlightening and often hilarious. Not only have I giggled at the funny quirks my own cats share with cats across the globe, I’ve now learned many of the whys behind their curious behavior. It’s like a secret glimpse into what makes their clever minds tick and what brings me so much joy each and every day. It’s a good thing my cats can’t read though because, in the wrong paws, this book reads like a road map to mischief.” ~Debbie Glovatsky, award-winning blogger and photographer, “Author Deborah Barnes is the consummate cat lover, wearing her love of cats on her sleeves. Her third book, Makin’ Biscuits is no exception. A true treasure, Makin’ Biscuits is finally the book that allows her to fulfil her dream—to help keep cats out of shelters and to increase adoptions. Deftly sharing an array of experiences from a variety of cat lovers, she seamlessly intertwines those stories with nuggets of information on cat behavior and hands-on solutions and tips to keep cats as closely in tune to their natural instincts as possible—all of which equates to a happier cat and a stronger feline-human bond.” ~Christine Michaels, founder and president of Pawsitively Humane “Is your cat sleeping on your head or zooming from room to room for no apparent reason? We chalk it up to just another one of those “weird cat things,” but the truth is, cats do what they do for a reason. In Makin’ Biscuits, Deborah Barnes takes an up close and personal look at cat behavior via a variety of real-life stories from cat loving guardians worldwide. The best part—she ties those stories together by analyzing how a cat’s mind works and offers realistic advice to help keep kitty happily purring." ~Dusty Rainbolt, ACCBC, award-winning author of 12 books including Kittens for Dummies, Cat Wrangling Made Easy and Cat Scene Investigator: Solve Your Cat's Litter Box Mystery “Deborah Barnes treats readers to an inside look into the world of cats and cat people in Makin’ Biscuits. Those of us who are cat parents are quite emotional about our love for our fur-kids, but sometimes—well, we just scratch our heads and wonder why the heck our cat is doing what they’re doing. Dogs are just so predictable, but cats, not so much! The delight in this marvelous book is in the stories by those who contributed. It’s both entertaining and educational—an honest and real look into the world of cat parenting. I loved every page of it, and cat people should share it with anyone who has ever said cats are boring!” ~Yvonne DiVita, Co-Founder, BlogPaws Pet Community "I adore this book! It's truly a must-have for anyone who's lucky enough to love a cat. Insightful, kind, full of humor... I learned so much that has helped life with my cat be happier and even more fun! This would be the perfect gift to a friend or family member who's welcoming home a new cat!" ~Maggie M. Bradburn "Deb Barnes has written an insightful book about kitties that will make you laugh and cry, as well as be amazed. It is so entertaining, it is hard to put down and I found myself nodding in agreement reading stories that matched my own cat's antics. Deb is a wonderful writer who makes you feel like you are listening to a friend. This book makes a great gift for any cat lover (but buy one for yourself, too!). I can't wait for her next one!" ~Beverly Harvey "This book is just what I need to read after I've had a long day. I read these aloud to my wife before bed and always have a great chuckle." ~Jason O' Mara