Reviews for Purr Prints of the Heart
“Heart-touching and insightful, reading Purr Prints of the Heart is like being wrapped up in a warm hug of comfort. Deborah Barnes and Mr. Jazz show us that the spiritual connection with our departed cats never dies.” Click to Read Full Review

~ Ingrid King, award-winning author of Buckley’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher, and publisher of The Conscious Cat

“Deborah Barnes exhibits her writing prowess as she bears her soul in the poignant memoir, Purr Prints of the Heart, brilliantly narrated by the book's muse, "Mr. Jazz." Reader’s emotions will be stirred to their core as Barnes magnificently climbs into the mind, heart and soul of not only Mr. Jazz, but cats as a whole and the humans who devote their lives to them. Purr Prints takes the reader on a journey that is like a salve in book form that offers comfort to all who have had to deal with (or will have to deal with), the inevitable loss of a beloved pet. Written with eloquence, grace, humor and a love that transcends the pages, I defy any pet lover not to see themselves depicted in this literary treasure.” Click to Read Full Review

~Caren Gittleman, publisher of Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

"Purr Prints of the Heart is a beautiful and heartwarming story told from Mr. Jazz's perspective (with typing help from his human) about facing the inevitable loss of our beloved companions. His honest, straightforward storytelling provides cat lovers a unique perspective into a cat's journey of life and death and I highly recommend every cat owner read it." Click to Read Full Review

~Sierra Koester, publisher of Fur Everywhere

Purr Prints of the Heart is a heartwarming story of love and loss. Beautifully narrated, it’ll have you smiling with understanding and in places it’ll make you cry. So have that box of tissues handy!  I have a young feline family right now, but there will come a time (hopefully many years into the future) when I will seek it out to read again. I’d happily recommend this book to friends going through the loss of a beloved pet.” Click to Read Full Review

~ Tracy Stillman, publisher of Pawesome Cats

“I am very grateful for Mr. Jazz’s counsel and for Deborah, his loving mom to have written this touching, heart-felt book. It will help anyone that has lost a pet to understand more about life and death, and to realize how important it is to treasure every precious moment we get to be with one another for whatever time we have together.” Click to Read Full Review

~ Jo Singer, contributor for Pictures of Cats

"Yes, there were times this book made me cry my eyes out. Mr. Jazz and my own precious Tara passed away the same summer, 7 weeks apart. They were both sick for a long time and while reading about Mr. Jazz's final days, I felt like I was reliving my last days with Tara. The similarities were just uncanny. On the other hand, Purr Prints filled me with an incredible sense of comfort. Mr. Jazz comes across as such a wise old soul, showing us that our beloved cats cherish every single moment of their all too short lives, and we need to remember to do the same." Click to Read Full Review

~Melissa Lapierre, Book Reviewer for the Cat Writers' Association and author of Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows

“Any pet person should read this book as it is a very true accounting of the journey of love, life, death and beyond. Kudos to Deb. This is one awesome book that struck many chords at Paws for Reflection.” Click to Read Full Review

~ BJ Bangs, publisher of Paws for Reflection and Vice-President of the Cat Writers' Association

"As a reader who has recently "helped a cat to Rainbow Bridge" I found it comforting to view the experience through the eyes of a cat. I found so many similarities to my situation and though I had to go through the book slowly and often had to put it away for a time because the pain was too raw, it was definitely beneficial in the healing process. Having never dealt with the long illness and eventual loss of a pet, it was comforting to read another "person's" experiences. It was like a warm blanket that I clutched, at times and cried - for me, for my beloved Taz, for Mr. Jazz and for Deborah and her entire family. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is having difficulty dealing with the illness or loss of their beloved pet. And for anyone looking for a warm, fuzzy story filled with a short lifetime of happiness, sadness and all of life's ups and downs and experiences, through the eyes of a cat of course, this is a wonderful book. Great book! 5 stars by me. Thanks Deborah for helping to heal my heart, one tiny paw print at a time...


“Deborah Barnes has created a supportive gift with a book that soothes the broken hearts of bereaved pet lovers of all ages as her cat, Jazz, unfolds the story of his life and end of life with her. Readers enjoy the quirks of pets living in multiple pet households with other cats and dogs. We are all enriched by Barnes who gives us a psycho-emotional glimpse into the wonders of the human-animal bond and the natural feelings of grief and denial during end of life decision making and the difficult days of pet loss.“

~Alice Villalobos, DVM, FNAP /

Purr Prints of the Heart is a bright star in the constellation of pet loss memoirs. Any cat lover who has loved and lost a cat will find solace of a kindred spirit." Click to Read Full Review

~Layla Morgan Wilde, holistic cat behaviorist and founder of Cat Wisdom 101

“Bravo! A beautiful story of life, love and lessons. Purr Prints of the Heart is a touching memoir of Mr. Jazz, a cat who shares his unique perspective on the conversation of pet loss to help human’s better cope when losing a beloved family pet.” Click to Read Full Review   Click to Listen to Radio Interview

~Charmaine Hammond, best-selling author & professional speaker

"Purr Prints of the Heart is a touching tale of beginnings, endings and the beauty of life. Deborah and Jazz beautifully remind us that our time with loved ones is precious, but even death can't separate hearts." Click to Read Full Review

~Angie Bailey, author of Texts from Mittens and Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds

“Our animal companions have many lessons to teach us humans, and they know the most difficult one for us is to recognize, understand and accept when they tell us they are ready to leave this life. Deb's deft characterization of Mr. Jazz's quiet personality and gentle humor carries us in his own voice from his mother's first lessons through 15 years to his final transition from body to spirit and afterward as we watch him mature into this understanding and wordlessly share it with his human family.” Click to Read Full Review

~Bernadette E. Kazmarski, award-winning artist and writer, publisher of The Creative Cat

“Anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet will find comfort reading Deborah Barnes’ poignant book, Purr Prints of the Heart. This extraordinary story takes us through the journey of Ragdoll kitty, Mr. Jazz, in his very own wise and loving voice. You will take the steps to your own healing and emotional recovery when you laugh with Mr. Jazz as he shares his kitten antics while growing up, and cry with him as he bravely faces his crossover to the Rainbow Bridge. Complete with a practical guide for coping with pet loss, Purr Prints of the Heart is a touching celebration of life and the beautiful bond we share with our pets.”

~Susan Logan-McCracken, co-author of Cat Calls and longtime editor of Cat Fancy magazine

“Written from the omniscient view of her cat Jazz, author Deb Barnes masterfully enlightens readers about cat behavior and how they communicate with humans and other pets through stages of life and loss. Replete with memorable moments of anticipation, outbursts of laughter, sighs of relief, sheer joy, and throes of grief, this book is cleverly written in cat likeness with steady prose, candor, and humor. More importantly, it offers readers unique guidance on coping with the loss of a beloved pet. The ending is a welcoming upturn, a refreshing reminder of the celebration of life and the indelible purr prints cats leave on our hearts.” Click to Read Full Review

~Christine Michaels, founder and president of Pawsitively Humane

“Purr Prints of the Heart will touch your soul. If you are not already a pet lover, you will be after reading this insightful and inspirational book.” Click to Listen to Radio Interview

~Robert Hudson, host and founder, Pet Radio

“Purr Prints of the Heart reaches across to all of us with lessons in compassion, kindness, and discovery. After reading the story through the voice of Mr. Jazz, you will no longer look at the cats you share your life with and wonder what they are thinking... about you, about life and, especially, about love and letting go. Four paws up for Deb Barnes!! You've reached out and touched this heart of mine!!”

~Bonnie Poirier, pastor at Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi

"Told by Mr. Jazz, an ordinary cat by his own admission, this touching feline autobiography rises to the extraordinary and will strike a chord with anyone whose heart carries paw-prints of love. Written with engaging humor and touching eloquence, this sweet but poignant saga will make you smile, weep, and nod with recognition--and purr-haps, understand more fully that "letting go" is indeed a wondrous gift to be treasured. Highly recommended."

~Amy Shojai, CABC, author of 30 pet care books and a founder of the Cat Writers' Association

“Anyone who has loved and lost a beloved cat will find solace in Purr Prints of the Heart. Written in the voice of the author’s cat Mr. Jazz, the book takes the reader on a journey of love between cat and human. Deborah Barnes includes a Guidance to Coping with Pet Loss section that is sure to help mend the broken hearted.”

~Joanne McGonagle, Author of The Tiniest Tiger and An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night as well as Instructor of Zoology, Miami University’s Global Field Master’s Program

"Once you start reading Purr Prints, you will find it hard to put down. Anyone who is, or has ever been, a pet parent can relate to Mr Jazz, not just those who are owned by a cat. Deborah Barnes has the unique ability to "think and speak like a cat" in this book. It was an absolute JOY to read. I was surprised to say the least in reading one of the final chapters, when Mr. Jazz reveals a secret that will have you saying to way !!! Click to Read Full Review

~Laura Walda - author of Da Tabbies O Trout Towne

"Just finished Purr Prints of the Heart...loved it! Was a sad subject for sure but I still enjoyed it and am not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears. I think this makes for a good gift for a loved one going through the death of the pet. Again, very sad, but also very comforting and even funny. Great book!"

~Jason Manocchio

"I both laughed and cried reading this is beautifully written and so comforting to all of us pet moms who have lost a faithful cat or dog friend and companion."


"Purr Prints of the Heart, narrated by Mr. Jazz, a Ragdoll cat, is a tremendous way for you to bond with your pet. This is not "a cat lovers only" book, because love knows no species. This is for anyone who has ever loved an animal. This is for anyone who might be considering getting a pet for the very first time. It's a gift for all ages. It's a heartwarming look at pet life and love from birth, all the way through death, and truly, beyond, to the very best of our understanding. It is about pet loss from the pet's perspective, at least through the eyes of handsome and beguiling Mr. Jazz. Purr Prints of the Heart shows us that love knows no bounds, it has no limitation of species, and loves continues far beyond this earth. This beautiful true story illustrated to us all that it's okay to share in another's loss. It's okay to learn from another's experiences. It's okay to cry from another's tears. And it's okay to let go of those you love the most when it is time, find peace in your heart, and still celebrate the time you had with them." Click to Read Full Review

~Jenny Lewis, publisher of Pixel Blue Eyes - Her Tails of Adventure

"A poignant story about love, life and death…and life after death as told through the viewpoint of Mr. Jazz, but from the heart of Deborah Barnes. This beautifully written tribute to Jazz, an ordinary yet extraordinary Ragdoll, was written with hope that by sharing his story, Ms. Barnes would finally come to greater terms with his death. What happened instead was, she opened the door for others to view the loss of their precious fur kids with a comfortable realism in knowing life goes on, even for our pets after they travel Over the Rainbow Bridge. I never met Mr. Jazz, yet his story left an indelible paw print on my heart, just as Deborah Barnes hoped it would. I plan to give his book as a gift. It’s definitely a keeper."

~Kimberley Koz, author of Finding Mya - He Can't Live Happily Ever After Without Her

"Though I don’t look forward to having to recommend this book to anyone simply because I know what it means has happened, I would and do suggest it for the time when the inevitable losses occur." Click to Read Full Review

~Alana Grelyak, creator of There's a Cat In The Fridge

"Deborah Barnes' Purr Prints Of The Heart, as told by Jazz The Cat, is a wonderful book telling about Deborah's journey with Mr. Jazz, from the time he entered her life to the time where he had to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a touching story of the beauty of being staff for a beloved cat (and dog too). If you are a pet owner, it is a must read. Deborah dearly loved Mr. Jazz and had to learn how to deal with deep grief when he passed away. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from reading this book - one being that our time with beloved pets is precious, but even death can't separate that love."

~Mary J. Roever, publisher of Mario's Meowsings