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Breaking Cats Out of Shelters for Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

For cats living in a shelter, it's almost like living in prison

Jazmine, a rescue cat herself, makes the perfect poster cat for adoption!

Many of us are excitedly waiting for season 4 of the wildly popular Netflix series, Orange is the New Black (OITNC). Based on the life of Piper Chapman, a woman in her 30’s living in New York City who is sentenced to 15 months in a minimum-security prison, the show gives us a glimmer into the day-to-day life she and her fellow inmates face in prison. I bring this up because it’s National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and it got me to thinking of all the cats that are in shelters across the county – not necessarily a prison – but for many cats, it’s a lockup of sorts. Read more

Spay it Forward for World Spay Day and Share the Facts on Cats, Kittens, Conception, and Spay/Neuter

Have your cat spayed at a young age to prevent a litter of kittens and for her health and well-being

It only takes one brief encounter for a female cat who is not spayed to become pregnant – please share this informative graphic to help spread the word.

While every day is a good day to promote the virtues of spay/neuter – not only as a safe and humane means of reducing cat overpopulation – but as a procedure to help ensure your cat live a longer, happier, and healthy life, with today being World Spay Day, it makes it all the more relevant. It’s a concept I like to call “Spay it Forward,” meaning we need to put as much factual and useful information as we can into tiny, digestible sound-bites so it can easily be shared to educate and impact change. To aid in the effort, to follow are some basic 101’s of kittens, cats, conception, cat overpopulation, and how spay/neuter relates to it all. Read more

Debunking the Misconceptions, Excuses, and Reasons Why People Don’t Spay or Neuter Their Cat for Spay/Neuter Month

Clearing up the myths, confusion, misconceptions, and excuses why people don't spay or neuter their cat

Distinguishing fact from fiction when it comes to spaying or neutering a cat is explained in an easy to understand list format.

The benefits of spay/neuter to a cat and society at large are so significant that it would seem the discussion would be closed for debate. The procedure is a safe, effective, and humane means to controlling cat overpopulation on the streets and in shelters, it significantly decreases the chances of uterine or testicular types of cancers and infections, and virtually reduces the negative behavioral issues associated with an unaltered cat such as loud yowling, spraying and territory marking, and aggressive fighting. Despite all of these collective benefits, however, some people still elect not to have the procedure done for one reason or another, so for February, Spay/Neuter Month, it seems appropriate to shed some cat hair on it all. Read more

Meow-O-Ween Greetings from Deb and the Zee/Zoey Kitties


To see our special scary graphic in it’s full glory, please click  image to enlarge!

Halloween!! A day to dress up as a cat… oh wait… that’s every day for me! Well… I guess it’s a day to dress up like a cat, but without any excuses!

Have a great day everyone – if you go out, please be safe, especially as this is a weekend and goodness knows how long the festivities will last. Keep your cats and dogs (and other assorted species of pets) out of harms way – keep your critters indoors if you can and if you have pets that like to sneak out the door, please keep them locked up for the night so that they accidentally don’t get out. No one wants to loose a pet on Halloween (or any day)… that would be the worst trick ever…


Thank you to everyone who so generously donated to the Riverfront Cats Fundraiser and Giveaway. As a result of your kindness, Riverfront Cats will be able to spay and neuter newly discovered cats and also provide veterinary care for those cats that are sick or injured.

I am also pleased to announce the winner of our giveaway is Laura Zaccardi of the blog Squeedunk Whiskers & Warehouses. Laura is one of the kindest, most compassionate, devoted, and humble people I know and I am so happy for her. She is also the co-founder of PAD PAWS –  a non-profit organization specializing in abandoned and injured animals who have taken refuge along the Hudson River (between Battery Park/NYC and Jersey City, NJ). The majority of their rescues include TNR along with re-homing if animals are in a dangerous situation (due to construction sites, urban development and busy city streets) and they also handle all medical costs, adoption, education, rehabilitation, as well as assisting with other local community organizations in rescuing animals and wildlife.

As winter is nearly around the corner, with frigid temperatures eminent, my heart reaches out to Laura. She was so kind to donate to Riverfront Cats, especially as her own organization desperately needs help. If anyone can make a donation to PAD PAWS, please consider doing so. What they really need right now is housing for the rescues until they can get them into foster homes – but that requires cash upfront.  The construction in her neighborhood is taking away all safe havens, creating more opportunity for cats to get hit by cars or tortured or killed at the hands of cat haters (I wish I did not have to write that, but unfortunately it’s the truth).

Thank you again all – you truly are the best!

Mojito Cats, Fundraising, Jackson Galaxy and More – Celebrating the 20 Year Anniversary of the Cat Network


Photo credit: The Cat Network

As a cat person, when you get to take a break from changing litter boxes, cleaning up hair balls, and wiping fur off the furniture and your clothes to go to a fancy event (the 20 year anniversary/ fundraising gala for the Cat Network of Miami), you really take advantage of it. Especially when the scheduled guest speaker is none other than the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell! Read more