Sunday-Selfie: Preparing for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Jazz for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Jazz was always in the hallway of the living room, looking at me before he’d jump up onto the couch to snuggle with me.

It’s almost too hard to comprehend, but my beloved Jazz has been gone nearly three years. He’s never left my heart, but recently I’ve felt him all around me in a very strong sense. I don’t know if it’s because his Rainbow Bridge anniversary is August 28th and that’s been in the back of my mind, or if it’s because lately I feel as if Jazmine is “sharing” him with me via herself.

Allow me to explain—during the evening hours, Jazz used to always stand in the living room hallway, near the TV armoire, and just stop and stare at me for a few minutes before he’d either come jump on the couch to snuggle with me, or wander off to do whatever it is cats feel compelled to do as they wander around at night. He had a white bib, and so does Jazmine, so it might just be that similarity that’s catching me off-guard.

But lately, she’s taken to making a really loud, high-pitched, long and drawn out moaning meow when she carries toys around the house before she drops them at my feet, or Dan’s. None of this is particularly unusual for her. But her meows lately, sound slightly different than they used too—they’ve begun to sound so identical to how Jazz used to sound when he carried wadded up balls of paper around—that I had to physically tell myself Jazz is no longer with me.


Jazmine has been giving me that same look as Jazz lately, while she sits in the hallway where Jazz used to.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter. I like having him around me again. I really miss him and it’s nice to think he might just be stopping by to say hello. Or maybe he wants to help remind you all that August 28th is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. I initiated the event last year as a tribute to him, and all pets that have been loved and lost in this world, to great success. While it’s not always easy to remember those we miss so much, the overall feedback I got, was that people were grateful to have a way to honor their lost pets by either blogging about them, posting pictures or stories on Facebook, and more.

I will once again be hosting a blog hop and the code for that will be up at midnight, EST on August 28 on this blog. I also have a Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day event page set up on Facebook if you prefer to participate that way. Please do whatever makes you feel most comfortable—whether it means participating from the sidelines, blogging, joining the Facebook event, or doing nothing at all but remembering any losses you may have, privately in your heart. How we handle grief is extremely personal and I wouldn’t begin to suggest otherwise.

If you’d like to grab this Rainbow Bridge Remembrance day graphic for personal use, please feel free. You can also email me for the image at and I’ll get it to you. Thank you and have a blessed Sunday.


Official Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day logo

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  1. We’ll be participating again. How wonderful that Jazz is around saying hello.

  2. It will be a day to remember.

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    I’m not sure how we missed this post! As you know, our sweet Moosey went to the Bridge in December. Just as Jazz coming around to your house, there are most certainly times when we feel Moosey come to visit ours. 🙂

  4. Timmy says:

    We have our dear Angels visit us in our dreams. Dad says he has had happenings that he knows are our dear friends. Thanks so much for this event we will be joining in
    Timmy Dad and Family

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