Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2023 Blog Hop and Custom Memorial Pet Portrait Giveaway

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day logo created by Deborah Barnes of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles / Purr Prints of the Heart.

For those who have loved and lost a beloved pet, we often choose to commemorate the pet’s memory with something of special significance, such as wind-chimes, marker stones, pet memorial jewelry, tribute boxes, and more. For Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day this year, and in honor of the 10-year passing of my beloved angel cat, Mr. Jazz (the inspiration for the day), I thought I would focus on that aspect by featuring a giveaway, courtesy of a lovely shop I found on Etsy called Pleasant Glen Products, which specializes in personalized, custom-created pet memorial portraits.

The owner of the shop, Kevin, and his brother started the business last year in October and since then have over 1400 5-star reviews. This is because each portrait is custom-created, with the shop artists working with the customer from start to finish to ensure the perfect product. It begins with a cherished photograph of the pet. Or it could be several photos. The artists work with the client to find the ideal photo which is then beautifully crafted into a watercolor painting. But instead of using paint, the artists use a computer to create the portrait!

For this giveaway, there are 4 prizes in total. ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will win an 11” x 14” personalized portrait in a whitewashed frame (Style 2) in their choice of colors: White, Azure, Aqua, Honey, or Cocoa (Retail Value $84.00); and THREE RUNNER-UP WINNERS will win an 8” x 10” personalized portrait printed on high-quality cotton paper that can fit into any standard-sized frame (Retail Value $28.00).

Image courtesy of Pleasant Glen Products.

Image courtesy of Pleasant Glen Products.

The winners can design the portrait with the name of the pet, milestone dates, and tribute quotes. Or, if they prefer, they can have the portrait without text. One of the talented artists at Pleasant Glen will reach out to the winners to help them through the whole portrait process to ensure complete satisfaction. And, of course, they can also visit the Pleasant Glen Etsy shop for additional information or inspiration.

Image courtesy of Pleasant Glen Products.

Image courtesy of Pleasant Glen Products.

Image courtesy of Pleasant Glen Products.

For those who like tribute quotes, I’ve put several examples together that you might want to use. Or maybe you have something of your own you’d like the portrait to say. As long as you keep it to approximately 125 characters or less, you should be fine.

That’s it in a nutshell. To enter, you must leave a comment on this blog, sharing the name of the angel pet you would like a personalized portrait of. You must also include your name and email address so that if you are a lucky winner, I can quickly and easily contact you. There are also many additional methods of entry, such as visiting Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles and Purr Prints of the Heart of Facebook pages or registering for new blog updates at Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles, but this is completely optional.

Graphic created by Deborah Barnes of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles / Purr Prints of the Heart.

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, ages 18 or older, and all winners are determined via a random draw by RafflePress. The first name drawn will be the grand prize winner, with the three runners-up to follow (Raffle Press will show the winners from bottom up, meaning the winner at the end of the list was the first name drawn, with runners-up to follow above). The contest opens on Monday, August 28, 2023, at 12:00 AM, EST and ends on Friday, September 8, 2023, at 11:30 PM, EST. Winners will be announced on Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles blog on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Jazz, the cat who inspired Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

As always, I thank everyone who participated in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. I know it’s not an easy day for many of us, but I’m always genuinely grateful for the outpouring of love and compassion I see on this day. It’s clear how beloved our angel pets are to us and my heart goes out to you all with the deepest of respect as you remember your precious pet(s).

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a special day dedicated to honoring the memories of those beloved pets in our lives we have loved and lost but never forgotten. Whether a pet with fur, fin, feathers, scales, or something else – one pet, or many – this day was created for you to honor that pet in any way that feels most comfortable to you. Post a picture, write a poem, share a favorite memory, host a memorial event, upload a video, or write a special blog post and share the link.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day was founded in 2015 by Deborah Barnes, award-winning author, and blogger of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles in tribute to her Ragdoll cat, Mr. Jazz, whom she had to say goodbyes to on August 28, 2013. She shared the journey of letting him go in her critically acclaimed book, Purr Prints of – A Cat’s Tale of Life, Death, and Beyond, and decided to create the day in his honor as a way for others across the world to share memories of their own pets they had loved and lost.


Logo designed by Deborah Barnes


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  1. Sandy Weinstein says:

    I would like to remember my sweet little gal Evie. I had wanted a min. schnauzer again for such a long time. I had one in college, but when I had to do my internship, my parents kept her and refused to give her back. I worked so many hours, did not get home til late, so I thought it was not fair to have a pet. When I took early retirement and moved back to home state to take care of my mother, I got another dog immediately. My mother always loved min. schnauzers. Evie was so smart, she could talk on the phone, play soccer, head the ball, dribble, kick, dance, etc. She passed away 7 yrs ago of a rare cancer. She fought so hard for almost a year, then had a stroke in my arms while I was feeding her. She was a month short of 16yrs, been my baby since she was 6 wks old. I have a painting of Evie. but would love one of my oldest, who has many health issues, Tressa, she is 14. I also have Teresa’s first cousin, Harley. Evie will be buried with me, as will Tressa and Harley if I outlive them. My mother had my first gal buried with her, Rose. It was in her will and trust.

  2. What a beautiful way to remember a precious furbaby. Not sure what cat we would choose if we won this. They all left their pawprints on our hearts.

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    That really is a lovely way to remember a precious angel. We would probably choose to have portrait of Sammy, but it is a really difficult decision. Like Sue said above, they all left special pawprints on our hearts.

  4. Bunny allen says:

    Those are so beautiful. What a wonderful talent they have. I would want one of my boy Daedae. I still cry when I speak his name. He was only on this earth for a short 5 years. If my boss, a veterinarian would have listened to me, Daedae may be alive today but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. But his death wasn’t in vain because we created new protocols at the office that have saved many from the same fate.

    I do love the saying ” I loved you your whole life, I’ll miss you the rest of mine”

    I remember when you started the rainbow bridge rememberance day . It was always a special day.

    • Deb says:

      I’m sorry Daedae was only with you a short time, but it is an incredible legacy to be the one to have created new, life-saving protocols at the office. My heart goes out to you and I appreciate your kind words.

  5. Ellen says:

    This was a lovely Giveaway and though I have no lack of worthy recipients for the prize it seemed unfair to choose one amongst the many. After consulting with each of my children my decision was approved by them and most especially by my one and only grandchild. However, that said (or typed), there is one or two wee things that Benjamin would like Miss Deb to know. He thinks that the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day T-shirts should also be available for children…”we miss our pets too!” He also suggests that next year Miss Deb consider using the above Logo on t-shirts as “both boys and girls would love it!” Not bad thinking for one not yet 10 years old…that’s my little man! Thank-you!