Unless You’re Talking About Cats, I’ve Lost Interest T-Shirt: Pre-Order Yours Today!

Pre-order your custom-created shirt today!

As cat lovers, we’ve all been there – listening to the blah, blah, blah of a conversation we have no interest in until the topic of cats come up. If that’s you, reserve your custom created T-shirt today! Pre-orders will be taken between now and April 9, 2018, with orders scheduled to ship on, or before April 24, 2018.

The shirt comes in a super-soft, charcoal black tri-blend of 50% poly, 25% combed and ring-spun cotton, and 25% rayon. They are a ladies fashion fit AND RUN SMALL. If you prefer a looser shirt, please order a size up. To determine your size, take your favorite tee, and with the shirt flat, measure from armpit to armpit, and from top of the shoulder to the hem – then compare it to the specs below:

♦ Small – Width approx. 15.75″ / Length 26″ (Size 2 – 4, bust 31.5”)
♦ Medium – Width approx. 16.5″ / Length 26.5″ (Size 6 – 8, bust 33”)
♦ Large – Width approx. 17.5″ / Length 27.13″ (Size 8 – 10, bust 35”)
♦ XL – Width approx. 18.5″ / Length 27.75″ (Size 10 – 14, bust 37”)
♦ XXL – Width approx. 19.5″ / Length 28.38″ (Size 14 – 18, bust 39”)

Shirts are $23.50 each, sizes S – XL, and $24.50 for XXL and come with a complimentary copy of the custom-illustrated, full-color, limited edition cat book, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Ordinarily Extraordinary (retail value of $21.95). More than one shirt can be ordered, but special book offer is limited to one book per order, U.S. residents only. The book will ship after you place your order via ground parcel service and when the shirts are available, they will ship separately via First Class mail.



Show the world how disinterested you are, unless it’s a conversation about cats!

Thank you and for more about the book, please visit here.

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary

Happy Blurry St. Catrick’s Day!

So, it’s St. Patrick’s Day…or in my world, St. Catrick’s Day. I had hoped to put together a fun new graphic for the day, but unfortunately, life has stepped in with different plans. You may recall I had emergency retina surgery for my left eye back in January. Well, things have been a bit blurry lately and I might need additional surgery to take care of a wrinkle that has developed in the retina.

I’m trying to stay positive. My eye doctor is fantastic, so paws crossed it’s just a minor blip and I won’t need surgery. I’ll know within the next few weeks, but until then, it’s me at my computer, squinting as I type, hoping I’m not making too many typos!

Have a great St. Catty’s Day all!! Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from years past and have a wonderful, green day!

Why My Cats Like Daylight Saving and When March Roars in Like a Lion!

Peanut is more like a lamb than a lion in personality, but she gives it her all for this blog post!

Considering we’re not even two weeks into March yet and the northeast has already been hit with flooding, severe winds, brutal temperatures, and now a major snowstorm, this month has no doubt roared in as a lion. We’ve had chilly temperatures here in Florida, ranging from 50 – 70 degrees and when you’re a cat, that can mean only one thing:

It’s window whiffing season!!

Will today be our lucky day?

I don’t know about your house, but at ours, there’s not much better than an open window that allows for the intoxicating smells of the outdoors to come wafting indoors! As soon as the cats hear the window being opened, they are drawn to it like a magnet and if they’re lucky, they might happen upon a visiting bird or squirrel!

Score! It is our lucky day!! A squirrel sighting!

I love being able to open the windows because cats can easily get bored of the same old, same old routine, especially if they’ve been cooped up all winter with no open windows. If it’s safe for you to open your windows, it’s a great way to provide some stimulation and enrichment for your cat, as they are wild by nature and this gives them a wonderful opportunity to take in all the sights and smells around them.

And don’t forget, it’s Daylight Saving today, so our clocks need to be set one hour ahead, which means more time for window whiffing! Whoo Hoo! Have a great Sunday everyone and stay safe and warm! Hopefully, our friend the lamb will be here sooner than later!

More sunlight equals more window whiffing! Whoo Hoo indeed!

Cat Goes Circular for Sunday Selfie!

My brother is visiting from Connecticut so I didn’t have time to put a post together for today. Luckily Jazmine came to my rescue with this sweet image for Sunday-Selfie! She’s sitting inside the top box of a stack of cubes we have by the front door with her face peeking out of the circular entrance. With the color of the box and the color of her fur, you’d think it was designed with her in mind!

Just so you get an idea of what the cat cubes are all about, this was them during the assembly process before we put them by the front door!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone – peace and love to you all!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, my brother loves cats, too! This was him a few years ago being a good sport donning a pair of my cat ears and leopard cat glasses!!

I always love a guy that’s comfortable in cat ears!


It’s a Blog Hop!

The 2018 Winter Olympics – Not Just For People, Cats Like Em’ Too!

Like a lot of people across the world, I’ve been enjoying the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Turns out I’m not the only one in my house who feels the same way! As you can see from this short video montage, my Zoey is absolutely mesmerized by the athletes and has been watching via a front row seat since the games began. She’s so enthralled by the event that sometimes I’ll catch her watching the TV with no one else in the room! The other cats…not a single one of them could care at all!

Hope you enjoy – Happy Sunday to all and go team USA – thank you for all the memories! P.S. – sorry for the video quality. Since the events I’ve been watching don’t even air until 10:00 p.m, EST, my living room is practically pitch dark and I keep the volume low so I suggest you turn your volume up if you want to hear the video! And as a disclaimer, I’m not really a fan of Zoey watching TV so close to her precious little face. But since she only seems to have a proclivity toward the Olympics, I’m making this exception for her and not requesting she get down!


It’s a Blog Hop!