When it Comes to Blending In, Cats are Masters of Disguise!

Not only do Peanut, Mia, and Rolz look alike at first glance, but when they’re on top of a leopard bedspread, they look like they could be pillows instead of cats!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I leave the house, I do a cat “head-count.” With my vision still blurry, this presents even more of a challenge than normal when I go to work in the morning, as my cats are quite the masters of disguise and sometimes they don’t cooperate when I call them! Usually, I can find most of them rather quickly, as they tend to hang out in the same spot, but sometimes one of them will be in a place that just eludes me. Read more

An Eye Opening Experience – Learning to Sleep Like a Cat

A cat makes it seem so simple to sleep in an upright position…but like Zoey here, don’t think just because my eyes are closed that I’m asleep! At least not while I’m on the couch in an uncomfortable position!

As many of you know, l had emergency laser surgery to repair a tear in my left retina on Friday, January 5. It’s been a scary ordeal – I still have significant blurriness and floaters in my eye, which make it quite hard to see much of anything. I was also given doctor’s orders to sleep sitting up, which I have to say is nearly impossible. Read more

Starting the New Year with My Eyes Not Wide Open

While the piecework I was helping with for our military contract was very laborious and exhausting, the doctor said it did not cause my eye condition. It’s something that is more common as we age, in my case, it was more severe than for others.

We’ve got a big military contract due where I work with a tight deadline of January 9th to complete the project looming in front of me. I’ve been working extremely long hours, assisting with quite heavy and laborious piecework to help out and when I get home I’ve been exhausted. That’s why when I started to experience some blurred vision, I attributed it to being tired. Read more

Help Riverfront Cats Miami with Mr. Jazz and Jazmine’s Story in Rescued Volume 2

It’s often said when one rescues a pet that it’s the pet that rescues the person. There’s a reason for it – because it’s true. At least it’s true for me and the story I share in the anthology, Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes. Or more accurately, the story I share as written in the perspective of my angel cat, Mr. Jazz, and how he brought our sweet rescue Jazmine to my fiancé, Dan, and I from the afterlife. Read more

Happy New Year 2018 from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

While larger, overall goals are important, don’t lose sight of the possibilities and opportunities each individual day brings us.

With 2017 behind us and a New Year on the horizon, it’s time once again for reflection. While I’m not keen on measuring my life in terms of years, preferring instead to concentrate on the quality of each day I’m blessed to have, it’s hard not to think back and contemplate, especially considering I’m currently at a point in my life I didn’t think I would be – i.e., I have a position at my day job that has taken precedence, all but putting my cat life to the side. Read more