Moments Captured in Time – Portraits of Mia

For Mia and me, our happiest moments are those that are also the quietest.

I love all my cats, each for their wonderfully distinct personalities, but I share a special affinity for my sweet Mia, a cat who most vividly mirrors me if I were a cat and she a human. We both have our moments of strength and boldness, but for the most part, we are introverts at heart, rather unbothered by our frequent desire for peace and solitude.

This is especially true now. Her other catmates, most particularly her brother, Rolz, and more recently, Jazmine, have taken to chasing after her, causing her to seek refuge in what is now her primary residence – a safe and cozy loft atop our television armoire where she can watch the comings and goings of the world from above. Cats instinctively gravitate to higher ground and it’s her way of controlling her environment. The bullying has stopped, so if she’s happy, I’m okay with her up there. We’ve given her a nice comfy cushion to sleep on and she’ll come down for litter breaks, meals, and to snuggle with some of the other cats when she wants feline company.

While the armoire is quite large – extending across the width of the living room, Mia prefers to nap, tucked away in her little corner spot.

Her most cherished moments now are those that I also cherish. Every night after dinner, it’s my ritual and gift to my cats to take them outside to enrich their world and experience the freedom of life outside the confines of our house. I supervise them the entire time and our yard is securely fenced in, or otherwise, I would not do it.

They all thrive – running, jumping, sniffing, climbing, and most blessedly, stretching and reveling in the glorious heat the warm sun radiates on their fur. Mia comes out of her shell for these moments and blossoms in the fresh air. She really doesn’t do much exploring or wandering, more so she just loves relaxing, enjoying the peace of her own company, as well as mine.

I’m no expert in photography and only have my iPhone, but I look forward to capturing those moments with her and I’ve been taking pictures of her enjoying her habitat. Since it’s also Sunday, aka Sunday Selfie, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Mia images that I’ve taken over the past several months.

Enjoy the day everyone and remember as Mia does, that we can all shine when we want to, even the quiet ones… And just for fun, if you were one of your cats, which one would it be and why?

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  1. Love the portrait of Mia! She reminds me so much of Paprika, who is the sweetest cat in the whole world but often the target of “bullying” by sassy Peaches. Like Mia, she looks sad some of the time. Yet she loyally sleeps by my side every night, even though she’s sometimes reclusive in the daytime. I related so much to the slightly flattened ear in the next to last portrait of Mia, Paprika does that often, for no reason looking unaccountably sad, even woeful …maybe some kitten experience she had. When I see that flattened ear, I say “Don’t be a sad cat, be a glad cat!” Its corny & doesn’t do any good but worth a try! Thanx for your portrait of Mia.

  2. How beautiful you are Mia! Enjoy your beautiful outside time sweet girl.

  3. Brian Frum says:

    Mia is such a cutie beauty!

  4. Catwoods says:

    What a beauty Mia is! I think the 4th picture down is my favorite, although it’s hard to choose one. If I were one of my cats, I think I would have been my late Minx. We were incredibly bonded, and also both on the introverted side.

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    Mia, you certainly are beautiful. We love these moments with you that your mom captured.

  6. jmuhj says:

    Mia is a little beauty, very regal and leopardlike!

    Our beloved angel Marley used to love to go high, too. She enjoyed a cat bed atop the refrigerator, taking refuge from our beloved angel Sunny, whom she considered a bratty interloper.

  7. Timmy Tomcat says:

    We really enjoyed seeing you Mia and how wonderfully you take to photographs. Being one with your human is something some of us aspire to more than others and I am more like Dad than my family is. You do have to stick up for yourself sometimes as we know all about bullies in our house, and, a nice cat yard to enjoy. Purrs all

  8. Charles Huss says:

    Those are beautiful photos of Mia. We had a cat, Puck (who left us before his time), that loved getting away from everyone on top of our china cabinet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite jump that high or was afraid to try. Instead, he relied on my help. He would jump on top of our kitchen cart (or whatever you call it) and whisper to me his request. I don’t speak cat but I always knew what he wanted. I would bend over and he would jump on my shoulders. I would then walk two steps to the china cabinet and he would jump off.

  9. Ellen Pilch says:

    Mia is a gorgeous girl. Beautiful photos. XO

  10. Mia is gorgeous; those tabby stripes, dots…and her green eyes!

  11. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    mia… we think mom cap sured sum AWESUM fotoz coz ewe bee lookin
    gorgeouz in each & everee one….we think itz way kewl ewe can claim yur
    armoire az yur veree own !!! N joys sum snooze time; de week a head
    N we hope we babee iz doin MOST grate …and everee one elze two
    🙂 ♥♥♥