June 8th – National Deborah Barnes is Trying to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Awareness Day

glasses 2 There are 365 days in the year and it seems like almost all of them have been claimed for some sort of awareness day for one reason or another. The year is almost half over and we have already had National Spay/Neuter Month, World Spay Day, National Hairball Awareness Day, Be Kind to Animals Week, National Kids and Pet Day, National Pet Month, Adopt a Cat Month,  Hug a Cat Day, and Pet Appreciation Week to name just a few. As a cat blogger, this can really start to get out of hand, especially when some awareness events fall on the same day and don’t get me started with the ones that have nothing to do with cats such as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Winnie the Pooh Day, and National Asparagus Month.  How does one prioritize all of this awareness? I typically leave it to other more talented people to champion and just hand pick a few special days to highlight throughout the year such as World Spay Day, which is my all-time favorite, not to mention, I prefer to love, hug, and appreciate my pets and animals all year long and don’t really need a specific reminder to do so.

All of this got me to thinking that I need my own National Awareness Day. After all, I do have something I have been trying to bring to bring to someone’s attention for over two years and all of my efforts have been a dismal failure. I need some serious awareness going on to make a dream of mine come true and therefore I officially declare today, June 8th, National Deborah Barnes is Trying to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Awareness Day.  Why today of all days? Well, mostly because I have temporarily run out of things to blog about and this fit into my schedule. Also, because I really like Saturday’s.

deb and ellen

Ellen was the one who introduced me to the vision board concept whereby you put images on a board of things you want to happen in your life by visualizing them so that the positive energy will make your dream come true. She did it to get on the cover of Oprah’s magazine a couple of years ago and I have been doing it for years to get on her show. Now granted, she might have an edge by being a super celebrity, but that won’t stop me from trying!

As most of you who have been following my blog know, my ultimate bucket list goal in life is to appear as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I have been a fan of hers since the 1980’s when she first started doing stand-up comedy and she is one of the reasons I am who I am today – an author, blogger, and cat advocate. All things I had no idea years ago would be such an important part of my life. Due to an epiphany moment that occurred while I was watching her show back in 2009 while I was going through a very stressful and emotionally trying time after being laid off at 48 years of age, a light bulb literally went off in my head and I realized I did have the strength and courage to change my life and that is how and why I wrote my first book, The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey.

As a result of her positive influence on me, when I wrote the book, I actually devoted an entire chapter to her called “Of Godwinks, Ellen, & Afghans” and it would be my greatest dream come true if I could be a guest on her show to bring her an autographed book and to personally thank her for saving my life. Now I am sure you are all saying to yourself, wow Deb, you should contact Ellen and tell her this, you’d make a great guest.


Seen here is the actual chapter in my book that discusses how Ellen changed my life after I was laid off in 2009. I got into a routine of watching Ellen with Dan and my cats and it was due to her uplifting and inspirational personality that I found the courage to follow my dream of writing a book.

Right. If only that’s how life worked. It would be easier to break into Fort Knox than reach Ellen and let’s just put it this way, rather than list what I have tried to do to get her attention, it would be easier to list what lengths I have not gone through. But to appease your curiosity, to follow is  a brief sampling of some of the things I have done. I won’t bore you with everything, as I don’t want a public record that could put me away for stalking, but let’s just say that I have tried every tactic – from extremely heartfelt and thankful correspondence to very funny, creative, and off the wall measures. I even reached out to her to let her know that her pet food company, Halo, donated 5000 meals to shelters on my behalf for Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Campaign for a Cause Contest I founded.


I quite naively thought that Ellen would instantly be thrilled to know I wrote a book that featured her in the story line and sent her a custom wrapped book that was delivered to her in an old fashioned movie can to get her attention. Dan came up with the great packaging idea, but we never heard from anyone that the book was received.


When the Furminator people contacted me last year to create my favorite celebrity out of my cat’s hair and blog about it to promote National Hairball Awareness Day, I naturally thought of Ellen. Seen here is me pretending I am on her show. And yes, I sent her the blog post and pictures. Again, crickets…


Giving up on people, I started to resort to using my cats as bait since I knew Ellen is a huge animal lover and sent this image of Rolz presenting an autographed copy of my book to Ellen to get her attention.


Since Rolz couldn’t do any better than me, I then sent a picture of Kizmet reading Ellen’s book. Seriously, what is cuter than a kitten, especially Kizmet, reading a book? The most amazing thing about this picture is that I cannot believe Kizmet actually used to be this tiny! This picture was taken in December of last year.


Resorting to full war mode, I brought out my guns blazing by having Peanut and Mia impersonate Sophia Grace and Rosie, the two little girls that Ellen adores and who are always singing Nicki Minaj songs on her show. I thought for sure this would get her attention, but as usual, I was wrong… crickets again…

So, here’s my thought. If any of you would like to help me state my case and raise awareness for my cause, please feel free to contact Ellen on my behalf. In other words, I’m begging you, PLEASE CONTACT ELLEN ON MY BEHALF. There is a tab on her website called “be a part of the show,” and the general email section “dear ellen” would probably be a good one to use if you want to send a message of support my way. Just click here to find the link and feel free to use any of my images here if you need to.

Naturally, if I get on the show, I will make certain to tell the whole world just how wonderful cats are, why people should adopt them as pets, and I will also talk about the critical importance of spay/neuter. It would be a win for kitties across the world and I would be eternally grateful to all of you! Plus, I will bring an extra pair of cat ears as a gift to Ellen and make her wear them. Wow! Her ratings will surely go up as a result of that alone! I will also bring all of you with me as a guest on her show as a gesture of my thanks (this is not actually going to happen – I just made that up to get your attention).


My ultimate goal is to be on Ellen’s show and have her wear a pair of my cat ears. As they said in the movie, Field of Dreams,”If you build it, they will come,” and I am hoping that will be true for me one day!

Thank you all and I invite you to have fun with this if you want. Go ahead and tweet, share on facebook, or whatever else you can think of! This doesn’t have to be limited to one measly day… I’m willing to call this National Deborah Barnes Campaign and Marathon to Get the Ellen DeGeneres Show if that’s what it takes!

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  1. Author's Son says:

    Hi Mom! I can’t believe I forgot to celebrate this amazing holiday after celebrating it year after year during my childhood….sigh, memories.

    I haven’t seen Ellen lately but if I run into her anytime soon I will absolutely drop your name. And if you ever do make it on, I would happy to escort you and even join you in the interview if you’d like. I think Ellen would be very interested to hear about the time I was Cheezit Fan of the Month as most people are.

    I am so proud of you and think you would make an AMAZING guest, much love!!

    • Deb says:

      How annoying that my own child’s comment ended up in my SPAM box, but maybe since you did not type in the word “cat” even once in the comment, it got confused! But yes, sigh… the memories of celebrating this amazing holiday. Hard to believe it’s that time of year again, it only seemed like yesterday we were sitting around our dining room table with Ellen and Portia celebrating that fictitious time we were all sitting around our dining room table sharing a celebration toast with Ellen and Portia…

      I think it would be only fitting you escort me, wearing your Cheezit Fan of the Month outfit and Christine can come wearing her black cat costume. Me, I’ll just go as I am – the cat ears draw enough attention on their own!!

      Thank you for the support and I love you too!