Hoping for a Kinder and More Responsible 2022 from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

Those gorgeous golden eyes to ring in the Mew Year belong to our sweet rescue, Shadow.

As the New Year begins, I typically enjoy writing a reflective post, sharing my thoughts and wishes for the days ahead. I’m not one for resolutions, as I try to live each day with the best of intentions, but this year I’m just tired and I don’t have the mental wherewithal for a deep post. The nonstop daily barrage of sensationalized, often conflicting news stories, political and personal divide, and the exhaustion of the minutiae of a Covid world has caused me to withdraw a bit from blogging and social media and my creativity is on hiatus as a result.

Jazmine helps express how I try to live my life every day – as if it’s the best day of the year.

Don’t get me wrong. I know things will get better and I’m still working on writing projects in the background. I’m still on social media and I’ll still be blogging, just not as frequently as I used to. And I blessedly still have eight beautiful cats, a wonderful and loving family, numerous fantastic supporters and colleagues who I adore, and a job. So, while it may seem I’m feeling defeated or depressed, I’m not. As I said, I’m just tired and need to unplug a bit from reality.

Life can seem overwhelming at times, but it is within us as a worldwide community to affect change for the better good of mankind. Thank you Mia for being the perfect model for this quote.

And I actually do have one wish for the days ahead. It’s a simple wish, but its impact is without limitation. Please, everyone, do your best to be both kind and responsible. Compassion, respect, and empathy for others matter. We are all connected in this world and what we do, or don’t do together does affect us all. We’re living proof of that reality and we need to take care of one another and this precious earth we’ve been blessed with.

Peanut, Mia, and Zoey prove kindness and politeness are two attributes that never go out of style.

Take care everyone – you are all the best and I wish you peace, safety, health, and happiness in the days to come.

P.S. If you ever want to see my graphics/photos in their full glory, just click on the image and it will enlarge!

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  1. Ingrid King says:

    Wise and much needed words. I’ve found that when I limit my time on social media and news sites, I feel much more balanced and grounded. Despite everything, I believe that eventually, light and kindness and love will win. With that in mind, Happy New Year to you, Dan and the kitties!

  2. Brooke Nesbitt says:

    My sentiments exactly! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family of humans and kitties! ❤ ? ?

  3. Such a beautiful New Year card! Happy New Year to all of you, and may it be a much better one.

  4. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  5. Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year. XO

  6. meowmeowmans says:

    Thanks for sharing your reflections, Deb, which are so similar to ours! Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful New Year to you and the gang. XO

  7. jmuhj says:

    A beautiful post, Deb, and thank you and your furmily for the excellent suggestions. That’s how I was raised, with those values, and I owe the fact that Iive by them to my wonderful parents and extended family.

    Happy New Year to you all. May you come back refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of 2022!

  8. Marv and Mom says:

    Great post Deb. I do hope in this new year, others can see that compassion and tolerance are not signs of weakness but of strength. We need more. Happy New Year, life is an adventure that’s full of wonderful destinations. Wishing you many beautiful memories made in 2022.

  9. Brian Frum says:

    Kinder sure would be a good thing. Happy New Year from all of us!

  10. I’m with you, which I partly why I barely blog anymore and most of what I post on social is Levi’s adventures at day care. That’s it! I’m MUCH happier for it. Blogging (even without the COVID mess), became old for me just before Cody and Dakota passed. When they left, well…….I didn’t see much point in continuing. Now, I only blog when the mood hits…..which is rarely. As for social media, I read “fluff”……I stay away from groups/drama….it’s MUCH preferred! I realized that those who truly care will always be in my life one way or another and facebook is a huge time-suck….so I am rarely live there. Happy Healthy Safe Blessed and Prosperous New Year! xoxo

  11. Leah says:

    Love your card and beautiful photos, and agree with your wishes for a kinder world! All the best to you in the New Year!

  12. Beautiful wish ! Happy New Year ! Purrs

  13. I’m glad you’ll be taking care of you, I do hope you come back when you’re feeling ready since I just found your blog this evening, and was looking forward to your content and amazing photos. And… your “kindness” post is timely after I just made a super grumpy post on Facebook after finding out someone was all sing-songey about the fact that she promised her kids their cat could have one litter before they spayed her. And then she’s giving them away for free, unfixed, on Facebook. Grrr.