Giveaway to Help Shelter Cats with Scratch ‘n Bits From Imperial Cat for Adopt a Shelter Cat Month


Jazmine models an Imperial Cat “Easy Chair” scratcher we got back in 2014 that was from their Scratch ‘n Shapes line. It still remains a household favorite with all of the cats.

There is no shortage of cat related paraphernalia in my house – from the practical to the silly to sublime and everything in-between, my cats are living the blessed life of luxury and I don’t take any of it for granted because I know there are millions of cats in the streets and in shelters that may never know a day of such pampered comfort.

Everything serves its own unique purpose and the cats all have different viewpoints on what they like, and don’t like, but all of them agree that the high quality and functional scratching products from Imperial Cat are on the top of their list of meow-worthy favorites. That’s why I was so excited when the folks at Imperial Cat, on behalf of Adopt a Shelter/Rescue Cat Month, approached me with a giveaway opportunity to help local shelter cats that aren’t as lucky as mine, that might need scratching pads to bring them some love and comfort.


Ingeniously created using re-purposed scraps from other Scratch ‘n Shapes products, the Adopt-a-Cat Scratcher Donation Program features three Scratch ‘n Bits package sizes of individually unique scratchers that are ideal for use in shelter cages, cat rooms or foster homes:

15-20 Small Scratch ‘n Bits – $35.00

10-13 Medium Scratch ‘n Bits – $40.00

4-7 Large Scratch ‘n Bits – $40.00

Each package size includes shipping (Continental U.S. only) and I love that not only are these products earth-friendly, but they are affordable too! It’s hard enough as it is for these sweet kitties – can you imagine being stuck in a cage or a in room without something to scratch on? Scratching is instinctive to cats – not only does it help them to alleviate stress, but it also allows them to stretch and tone their muscles. So for $40.00 or less, you can improve the health, happiness, and well-being of a shelter cat! And we want shelter kitties to be as happy and stress free as possible, as it will only make them more social and easier to adopt in the long run.

So please, if you can find it in your heart, pick up a set or two of Scratch ‘n Bits for your favorite shelter – if you can’t, the good news is that you have an opportunity to win a small-sized set for a U.S. shelter or rescue of your choice. Just mention in the comments which shelter you would like to win a set for by Monday, June 22, midnight, EST and after a random drawing, I will announce the winning shelter on Wednesday, June 24.

If you are not familiar with Imperial Cat and their full line of Scratch ‘n Pads, Scratch ‘n Shapes, Cat ‘n Around, Snack ‘n Treat, and Neat ‘n Tidy products, please click here for full details. All the products are clever, environmentally friendly, safe, functional, stylish, fun, sturdy, and made of high quality materials. I love Imperial Cat for all those reasons, but also for sentimental reasons that go above and beyond, because were it not for a chance meeting with them at the Global Pet Expo in March of 2014, our beloved Jazmine would have never been. Via a rescue effort from Florida Little Dog Rescue of Saint Cloud (yes, they help the occasional rescue cat), Jazmine was taking up residency at the Imperial Cat booth, waiting for adoption. The moment Dan and I locked eyes with her, the rest as they say, was history.


This was Jazmine (previously called Empress) at the Imperial Cat booth at Global Pet Expo. She was sitting on a Scratch ‘n Shapes Easy Chair like being at a massive trade show was the most natural thing in the world!! How could we not fall instantly in love with her?


Ever since we brought the Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Easy Chair home, it has been a favorite with all the cats. Seen her is Mia sitting like she is waiting for her chauffeur to drive her to a grand gala…


The Scratch ‘n Shapes Easy Chair also came with a removable ottoman – Zee has claimed both items as his own…


I love the creativity the Imperial Cat products provide – seen here, Zee is using the Scratch ‘n Shapes Easy Chair as a fort where he can take cover to protect all his toys he has captured!


Other than a Scratch ‘n Shapes Easy Chair that I was given in 2014 at the Global Pet Expo and the everyday love, joy, and companionship that Jazmine gives me, I was not compensated for this post. I am sharing the Adopt-a-Cat Scratcher Donation Program because I believe all shelter and rescue cats deserve to be happy and healthy.

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  1. Deb, you know I’m not commenting much today but wanted to stop by with a big hug and thanks. I love this shelter program and we’re all out of scratchers.

  2. Amy Sikes says:

    What a great program! I’d love to win a set for Pawsitively Precious Adoptions, a feral cat TNR/socialization/adoption group in Williamsburg, VA.

  3. That’s a really wonderful program – and what a great use of scraps!!

  4. What a great program ! We would love to win a scratcher for the shelter where Layla Morgan Wild is volunteering. Purrs

  5. Bernadette says:

    Wow, Deb, this is wonderful! I’d love to win this for Pittsburgh CAT and distribute one to each of our foster homes!

    • Bernadette says:

      I hit “post” too soon, but meant to add that we encourage people to foster in their homes, but sometimes the only space they have is a small spare room, bathroom or even a big cage–when I recently fostered a litter of five kittens and their mom I could only fit two scratching toys because all are so big. These toys would really help those who foster in very small spaces.

  6. Dat’s pawsum. And da kitties awe all so adowable. We wuld luv to win fur a shelter. They wuld be so pawsum.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. That’s a wonderful program! We would love to win a package for Salem Friends of Felines in Salem, OR. That’s where Freya and Heimdall came from, and they could use those for the ill cats who live in cages. Their well cats have rooms with lots of toys and scratchers, but the ones who are sick don’t have room for much in their cages even though their cages are big. We love the ingenuity of using the scratcher as a fort!

  8. We love Imperial Cat’s products and all that they do for shelter kitties. If we won we would love the scratchers to go to Truffles’ Alma Mater, Franklin County Humane Society in St.Albans, VT.

  9. Brian says:

    Not only is that a terrific program, those things look totally wonderful!

  10. We love our Imperial scratchers. Paws up to them for this great program.

  11. Ellen Pilch says:

    Those look like fun. I would love to win for PAL in Spencer, MA.

  12. Jane Sitler says:

    Hi Deb, can’t wait to get your new book! I would love to see Advocates 4 Animals, Xenia, Ohio receive scratch-n-bits–they do such wonderful, dedicated work with cats.

  13. What a great idea! We’re good for now. So many other shelters could really use it more.

    And Jazmine was definitely born a supermodel!

  14. Judi Daly says:

    My favorite shelter is Stay a While in North Royalton, OH. I got my last 2 wonderful cats there–I owe them so much for bringing so much love into my house.

  15. kelly mcgrew says:

    i’d like to win for Fayette Friends of Animals in Fayette County, PA!

  16. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guys…we haz two manee shelters runnin thru R headz rite now ta pick just one sew we will say
    best fishes everee one & we hope yur shelter wins ! ♥♥