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Shop Cats of New York – A Visually Stunning Read to Add to Your Cat Book Library


I love New York City – always have, always will.

Even though I currently live in Florida and have been here since 1994, I still have an enormous fondness for New York. I spent most of my younger years in New York and grew up there – I graduated from college there (twice), I got married there, I had my children there, and many a beloved cat of mine came from there. Most of the towns I lived in were extremely rural with small populations and old-fashioned Main Streets, but despite where I was, New York City was always a part of my life. I visited whenever I could (and even briefly lived in Hawthorne – a suburb of the White Plains area, just north of NYC) and each time I did, the city never failed to capture my heart, as it was just so alive with an exciting buzz of people, movement, and culture. Read more

A Lesson in Tortitude – The BIG Book of Cats with a BIG Attitude Review & Giveaway

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Tortitude is a lovely hardcover book filled with fun facts, color photographs, and great cat quotes. Credit: Tortitude: The BIG Book About Cats With a BIG Attitude by Ingrid King, ©2015

Even though cats have been a significant part of my daily life for over 50 years, I find it fascinating after all that time I’m still able to learn something new, which was the case when I reviewed Ingrid King’s newest book, Tortitude – The BIG Book of Cats with a BIG Attitude. Read more

My Rafflecopter Doesn’t Work and There’s a Stray Cat in My Guest Bedroom

Brokenrafflecopter copy

Thanks Rafflecopter… Not…

My Rafflecopter Doesn’t Work and There’s a Stray Cat in My Guest Bedroom – isn’t that what any respectable blogger would say the day she had an important post scheduled and was on her way to work? It all started Wednesday morning – the day I had a really important PAID sponsored post scheduled that included a giveaway, hence my need to use a Rafflecopter widget for entry purposes. Read more

Kittenish by Gwen Cooper: Cat Selfies With a Serious Mission – Raising Funding for the Nepal Earthquakes

For those of you that know me, you know pictures aren’t my thing. I have a blog filled with gorgeous pictures of cats, but probably 95% of them are taken by Dan. Of the remaining 5%, 2% are stock images and 3% are really horrible, blurry pictures that I have taken – usually at an event like a BlogPaws conference where I travel alone. Even though it should be relatively obvious, I try to point out when I have taken the image, because I don’t want to discredit any of Dan’s beautiful pictures.

When it comes to selfies – those pictures that one takes of oneself, at very close range – my photography skills actually become even worse. And truthfully, at my age, selfies are not my flattering, best friend so I rarely attempt taking them. Cats and selfies – that’s an entirely different story because in my mind, there is just no such thing as a bad picture of a cat, and that is why New York Times bestselling author, Gwen Cooper’s newest book, Kittenish, is such a home run. Read more

Rescued – Book Review of the Rama: Sideways Story and Fundraiser for Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter


Rescued – The Stories of 12 Cats Through Their Eyes edited by Janiss Garza is the kind of heartfelt and inspiring book that offers hope and humanity in a world where far too many cats are living in the streets and shelters, without the benefit of a warm, loving, and safe furever home. For those cats that are lucky enough to be rescued, they each have a unique story to share and often the road from rescue to residency is a long and difficult journey filled with trepidation, mistrust, and reservations. Read more