1000 Halo / Free Kibble Meals Shelter Winner, Meow.com Winners, and Tiniest Tiger Tote Winner Annoucements!

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On the heels of crowning Katie of Glogirly as the official Cat Ruler of the World last week, we still have a few more announcements to make and prizes to give away. As you may recall, the dapper Austin of CATachresis was unable to win the runner-up prize of 1000 cat food meals from Halo / Free Kibble for the shelter he was campaigning for, Freshfield’s Animal Rescue, because they cannot ship outside of the U.S. and Austin is a Brit through and through.

Being the benevolent chap he is [this might be an exaggerated and unconfirmed point], he offered to donate his share of the meals to a U.S. shelter and we loved the idea so much that we asked readers to leave a comment as to which shelter they wanted to donate them to.

The response was absolutely overwhelming – so many wonderful people are grateful for all the shelters across the country and we are so glad that the drawing was random, because all the shelters are so deserving. Now that we have the winner, we decided that Austin should get to wear his tux one more time and make the announcement. We are also letting him announce all the $20.00 gift certificate winners provided by our friends at Meow.com, as well as who won our Tiniest Tiger Tote from the Red Carpet Cat Twitter Party that we were part of last week.


We also decided not to tell Katie about giving this honor to Austin, but somehow I don’t think she will mind. So, please Austin, the winners are:

We want to thank everyone who took the time to leave a comment to help a shelter. There is no doubt that all of them do an incredible job each and every day taking care of cats and we wish we could win the lottery and help all of them. There is also no doubt that Sumter T.N.R., Kitten and Rescue of South Carolina is a very special place, as so many of you nominated this shelter to win the meals.

And we could not agree more -while there are so many issues to focus on in the world of cat welfare, trying to help educate people about the misconceptions of feral cats and ways to encourage community wide T.N.R. programs is something we feel very strongly about at Zee/Zoey and we are extremely proud to be able to help Sumter T.N.R. pursue that goal.

Taken from their website about their mission, they state, “The purpose to which this nonprofit organization is formed is to institute a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program for feral cats and kittens; rescue, socialization or re-domestication of feral cats and kittens that are able to be homed or re-homed; provide adoption, care and fostering services for all cats and kittens; reduce the dependence on area kill shelters and animal control agencies; actively recruit willing and able volunteers and aggressively seek donations to further our “every cat deserves a chance at life” cause in Sumter, South Carolina and surrounding areas.”

Thank you again for your kindness, Austin. And please don’t feel too bad – Freshfield’s will be receiving a $250.00 donation from Zee and Zoey and we hope that will help in some way. Thank you again to all the generous sponsors and to all of you wonderful readers for making this contest such a worthwhile event.

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  1. Marg says:

    Congrats to all the winners. That is terrific. Have a great day.

  2. That’s wonderful! Pawesome! Concats to all the winners – and to Sumter too!

  3. Heather Meow Bruce says:

    Love your Inspiration Deb.
    Many Meows….

  4. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge says:

    RC Cat, and Molly, having been in dire straits during their early lives, wish to cheer the winners and give a big meowy bow-wowie thanks for those who helped small fur people in need