Wordless Wednesday

Semi-Wordless Wednesday – Silent Night


When it comes to the holidays, I’m a big one for tradition. But with time, life changes and so what once was, cannot always be. It used to be after I decorated the Christmas tree (a real one) with glass ornaments and family heirlooms I would put my two boys to bed and shut off all the lights in the house except for the Christmas tree. I would put Silent Night in my cassette player and just bask in the simplistic beauty of it all. The true spirit of the holiday would course through my body, reducing me to tears, and it was a private moment just for me as I reflected on all I was blessed with.

I no longer have boys to put to bed, and the tree, well, now it’s artificial and it’s decorated in a leopard theme with non-breakable ornaments. After I’m done decorating (with lots of help from my furry gang) I still turn off the lights and reflect in the beauty of it all, but now I share the moment with Dan and the cats. We converse at the end of the day like we do every day, sitting together, me blanketed in a soft pile of kitty love as we binge watch whatever show of the moment it is… in this case, Nurse Jackie.

But regardless of time, one thing always remains true, the spirit of Christmas resides in the heart to be shared with those you love…

Have a lovely Wednesday all!

Wordless Wednesday – The Cats Start to Deck the Halls


Once a year, those musty boxes and totes we keep in the garage come in the house, and as I begin to unpack the contents, Jazmine wonders what the heck I am up to!


Oh! It’s stuff to decorate for Christmas! Kizmet who’s been around the block a year longer than Jazmine is already a pro and digs in to help (while finding the time to pose endearingly for the camera as well).


Yes, you Kizmet! Thanks for all the help!


Yes Mia, you’re a pretty little helper too! Oh, and hello Jazmine! Nice of you to join us!

So how is it in your house? If you decorate for the holidays, have you started yet? Do you cats help or are they bored with it all already?

Practical Advice From a Cat on How to Reduce Stress for the Holidays

ACK!!!!!!!!!!! It’s already the beginning of December! I haven’t even started my holiday shopping let alone making my list and checking it twice… And then there’s the tree I haven’t put up yet… For those of you starting to panic like I am, here’s a bit of advice for you:


I will not let the holidays stress me out. I will not let the holidays stress me out. I will not let the holidays stress me out. I will not let the holidays stress me out. I

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#BetterWithPets Summit – Part 2 – The Lessons Learned and Putting Them Into Action

This post is sponsored by Nestle Purina® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated to help spread the word about the third annual BetterWithPets campaign but Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Purina is not responsible for the content of this article.


Photo credit: Nestle Purina

Attending a Purina Better With Pets Summit, while an amazing experience, is also an overwhelming one. So much insightful information shared in the span of a day by so many experts – how could I possibly come back home and do justice to all I had learned in a mere blog post or two? The theme centered on the emotional connection between people and their pets, especially as being defined by the new generation of millennials. Rather than debate what to discuss, I decided to go with the obvious – my favorite subject – cats. Read more

Wordless Wednesday – A Frightening Update from the Zee/Zoey Kitties!


Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo is brought to you by the glorious and stunning eyes of our lovely Zoey… Thank you Zoey!

Frightening, huh? Wasn’t Christmas just a couple of months ago? It sure seems that way! Sigh… the older you get, the quicker time really goes!

Anyhow, have a great Wednesday everyone and enjoy each and every minute you have… even the annoying ones, like standing in the wrong line at the grocery store, or the boring ones, like when you’re at the bottom of your “procrastination pile” and are resigned to doing something you really hate, like filing old paperwork. Those minutes – from the good to the bad – are all we get… oh, and while you’re at it, hug a cat… that’s always time well spent!


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