SisalAngle™ Incline Scratcher and BrushUp™ Self-Grooming Post From SmartyKat® – Review and Giveaway!

Believe it or not, when I had cats years ago, I just did not know some of the basic etiquette of cat behavior and cat grooming care like I do today. For example, when my cats would inevitably scratch (and consequently shred) my furniture, I would scold them to stop which was a tactic that very rarely worked. And if they weren’t scratching the furniture, they would be shedding all over it and telling them to stop doing that clearly didn’t work either. And truthfully, you don’t want them to stop – cats were born with claws for a reason and scratching is an instinctual behavior that is important to their health and well-being. The same with shedding – it is a normal, healthy, and natural way for them to lose dead hair and maintain proper body temperature. Read more


What’s up With Cats and Chairs – Can we Talk?

cats-and-chairsIn the indelible words of the late Joan Rivers, “Can we talk?” I ask this because the other day I shared a picture of Kizmet sitting in my office chair after he stole it from me when I got up for a brief second to get a glass of water. I marveled at not only how quickly the act had transpired, but also at how quickly he fell soundly asleep considering I was literally only gone a minute at best. Read more


A Cat’s Exposé – The Day After Zee’s Birthday Celebration…


Here I am with the birthday boy as well as with Kizmet, Rolz, and Mia. I thought the day was pleasant enough and went to bed feeling like I had given Zee a birthday he would remember!

On behalf of Zee, I just wanted to thank all of you for the kind wishes you left for him in celebration of his 9th birthday last Sunday. The day seemed nice enough – I showered him with lots of love and attention to make sure he felt spoiled and pampered and when I went to bed, I was certain he enjoyed his special day.

Apparently I was wrong, because unbeknownst to me, his feline cat-mates had further plans in mind that I was unaware of… I might not have ever even known, but in their altered state they made the mistake of posting their shenanigans on Facebook. Check it out to see for yourself just what REALLY happened on Zee’s birthday in the after-hours, raw and unedited addition!

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Happy 9th Birthday to our Virgo Cat, Zee!

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Zee-9-BDWhat!!! Much as I want time to stand still, another year has passed and it is already time again to say Happy Birthday to our sweet Zee, who turns 9 today! Sigh…That’s right – Zee was born on September 7th which makes him a Virgo and he certainly fits the bill for the tendencies of his astrological sign –  a delightfully fussy and fastidious feline who needs routine and order in his life, and as long as he has it, then he is as happy and content as can be.

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Regularly Scheduled Wordless Wednesday

No denying it any longer… Summer break is officially over and for the cats, that means back to their regularly scheduled programming…Which, of course, means back to napping pretty much 16 hours a day. So in that vein, today for Wordless Wednesday each of my sweet kitties shares a picture of one of their favorite places to nap!


Since the first moment Jazmine first happened upon the Sunny Seat, it has been a love affair for her ever since…


While it might appear uncomfortable, given that it is a cold and hard surface, Kizmet loves to nap on the top shelf of the kitchen counter…


Pretty Mia gives us an artistic view of herself as she shares her favorite napping spot which happens to be a sweet little ottoman we have in the living room.


Peanut loves to catch some snoozes in the top perch of this cat condo…


While Rolz still misses his buddy, Jackie, he is thrilled to have the guest bedroom back so he can nap in comfort in front of his favorite sun-drenched window.


Zoey is also happy to have the guest room back – she loves to snuggle up in a perfect little ball of fur as she shares the bed with a mountain of pillows and plush toys!


Zee has loved this spot on top of the couch to nap for years and it remains one of his favorite places…

So how about you kitties – do you have a favorite nap spot at your house? Or what about the favorite napping spots at our house – do you have a favorite one of ours?