Caturday’s Meow Mix Roundup!

It’s been a busy and full week so I thought I’d share a meow-mix smorgasbord of stuff today for our Caturday edition at Zee and Zoey’s.

The week began with some pawsome news for Dan and I – thanks to my oldest son, Chris, we are grandparents again!! Yup – you heard me right – a stray cat happened his way a couple of weeks ago and after determining she was homeless, he brought her into his two-dog home as a permanent family member! Read more


Photobombing Cats…

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While Zoey is my leopard inspired soul-mate kitty, having our picture taken together is not her thing. She will nap on my outstretched legs religiously every night when I finally step away from my computer to relax for the night on the couch and she likes to sleep next to me when I go to bed. Snuggling, picking her up, and hugging, however, are BIG no-no’s to her. So the other day when I saw that she was napping on the floor in the hallway and the lighting was ever-so-perfect, I asked Dan to grab a picture of me sitting next to her because I knew that would be as good as it gets with her.

Need I remind you I have seven cats? What was I thinking? Naturally the moment I sat down, it became a feline excursion in photobombing as led by none other than our Miss Photogenic, Jazmine. Oh well… I guess I sort of have a picture of Zoey and I together! So how does it go in your house when the camera comes out? Any photobombing cats in your bunch?


It started out innocent enough… a picture of me with Zoey was all I really wanted… Enter stage right, the orange blur…


And just like that, Jazmine is sitting pretty, picture purr-fect in the background and joining the photobomb session are Zee and Rolz… Oh well… I gotta admit I do like the picture and there is nothing better than being surrounded by so much kitty love!

Happy Wednesday all and thanks for dropping by!


Caturday Cats – Mama’s Little Helpers

It’s been another long and hectic week, but luckily I have had the help of my kitties along the way. Here are the pictures to prove it:


Thursday night is always grocery shopping night at our house. Jazmine takes her self-appointed job of inspecting the bags for treats very seriously. Being that I am a vegetarian, she is clearly not impressed with my salad stuff. But please don’t fret… yes… she got her treats! How else would I be able to get on with the night if I didn’t buy kitty treats!?


Friday was tax day and I had to prepare paperwork for the accountant. I turned my back for a quick second and the cats jumped in to help out!


Mia and Rolz help me with the clean laundry. By napping on the warm clothes, it prolongs the task at hand for me – putting everything away!


Zee knows how busy I am, so rather than me having to take all of the cat toys out of their storage baskets, Zee takes them out and puts them on the floor where they belong for me…


The cats help me enjoy the Valentine’s flowers I got last week from my son and his partner. How do they do that? By forcing me to put them (the flowers) behind closed doors where I go and visit them on occasion since the cats insist on trying to eat them which is dangerous…

How about you? Do your cats find ways to help you out? Bless their sweet little souls… I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Happy Caturday all!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Is it Spring Yet?


Jazmine asks the question we’re all wondering…

Oh Jazmine…if only it were…It’s hard to believe that here it is, almost the end of February and over 68 million people are being affected by the ravages of winter. Or at least that’s what I think the number is – I heard Lester Holt say that on the news the other night, but being that he hasn’t had a day off since Brian Williams has been suspended, I’m not sure how clear his memory is either. But, in all fairness to both gentleman, I barely remember what I ate for dinner yesterday or what day of the week it is for that matter.

What I do know is that I’m pretty sure most of the country has had enough of the snow and is looking forward to clear roads and warmer days. Until that happens, enjoy this picture of my kitties snuggling on our favorite winter blanket, “Big Red” (yes, it even gets cold in Florida).


Zee, Kizmet, Mia, and Rolz keeping warm!

Happy Wednesday all!


A Heartfelt Meowy-tine’s Day


Who can resist that sweet little face. Of course I will be your Valentine, Jazmine. Anyone else?

Valentine’s Day is upon us so you know what that means – a day filled with love, romance, greeting cards, chocolates, diamonds, red roses, and more. But love can come in many forms and it’s not always easy or happy. Especially when it causes us to remember what we love that we no longer have. For me, that is my darling Harley who I lost unexpectedly last June. Try as I might, reconciling her loss has been extremely difficult for me, so today I am making a milestone step by sharing the picture I posted of her for last years Valentine post. I am doing it because much as I want to remain in denial, and even though seeing her picture crushes my heart, I loved her dearly and I just couldn’t bear to share pictures of the rest of my gang without including her because she will always be a part of my heart.

I do apologize for starting this post off on such a sad note. I didn’t mean to do it, it just sort of happened. But I promise I am okay – I am actually happy to be remembering her and so please enjoy her picture as well as some others of my feline family (including a vintage card I made back in 2012 when Jazz was still with us) that I feel express the meaning of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and make sure you give all the kitties and humans in your life a hug and kiss and let them know how much you love them.


Love is all around us if you care to look for it. It is in the small joys of life such as a purr, a hug, a kind word, or a smile. Thank you for the reminder, sweet Harley. I love you and miss you each and every day.


Jazmine and Kizmet fell in love the moment they met one another and are best buddies!


Mia and Peanut share a heart-shaped nap of love!


Zoey back in 2009 with Rolz who was about 6 weeks old in this picture. Love, love, love this.


Muah!!! Valentine kisses from handsome Zee!


Rolz is like a big-brother to Jazmine and loves her so much!


Zoey, Mia, and Zee in a beautiful line of content love!

Valentine's with names

The Valentine card I made back in 2012 – so much has changed since then…