A Looking Glass Moment of Time for a Cat Writer


A quintessential moment in time captured – this is me.

We’ve all seen questions like this, whether in social media, magazines, interviews, etc. where you’re asked what three words best describe who you are. I’ve seen numerous variations of the question and despite the simplicity of it; it’s actually a difficult question. As human beings, we have so many different facets of our life that determine who were are, and often they can change like the direction of the wind. I’m typically coined creative, compassionate, and determined, but that’s only scratching the surface. The same with a photograph – a photograph captures an image in time, but depending on who is looking at the picture; it will conjure up different connotations. And then there are the moments where the sun and the moon perfectly align and purity is revealed. That’s what happened to me when Dan took a random picture of me. I looked at it and realized in an instant that it captured the essence of me. Read more

Feeling Grateful and Happy Thanksgiving from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles


From our table to yours, we wish you the most blessed of days. L to R – love and purrs from Peanut, Rolz, Mia, Zee, Zoey, Kizmet, and Jazmine.

Years ago, Thanksgiving was one of those family holidays for me deep rooted in time-tested routines and traditions. But as I get older, I find it nearly impossible to recreate the past. Some traditions remain, some are replaced, and some quietly drift to the wayside, parked as private memories, tucked into the back recesses of my mind. Read more

It’s Finally Here! Makin’ Biscuits – Weird Cat Habits and the Even Weirder Habits of the Humans Who Love Them


Makin’ Biscuits by Deborah Barnes, ZZP Publishing, LLC.

It happened nearly two years ago – I got out of the shower one morning and bent over to wrap my wet hair with a towel. Moments later, I felt something land on top of my head – it was Mia, my extroverted cat who normally didn’t like close-up human contact. For whatever reason, she had decided it was the perfect place to settle for a nap. Being that I’ve had cats my entire life, I was accustomed to them doing weird things, but this was odd, even for my standards, and that’s when the idea of a book of weird cat habits formed in my toweled, cat-covered head.  Read more

Shop Cats of New York – A Visually Stunning Read to Add to Your Cat Book Library


I love New York City – always have, always will.

Even though I currently live in Florida and have been here since 1994, I still have an enormous fondness for New York. I spent most of my younger years in New York and grew up there – I graduated from college there (twice), I got married there, I had my children there, and many a beloved cat of mine came from there. Most of the towns I lived in were extremely rural with small populations and old-fashioned Main Streets, but despite where I was, New York City was always a part of my life. I visited whenever I could (and even briefly lived in Hawthorne – a suburb of the White Plains area, just north of NYC) and each time I did, the city never failed to capture my heart, as it was just so alive with an exciting buzz of people, movement, and culture. Read more

Pet Loss and Children – How to Help Them Cope with the Pain and Grief

Editor’s Note: I realize this post is a heavy subject and probably not one you were expecting, but with the holidays heading our way, I felt the timing was appropriate. Holidays are a time that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for us – especially for those of us that might be remembering a lost pet that we dearly miss, or those of us that are going through personal issues with a pet that is currently ill, or possibly even nearing end-of-life. In the blogging world, we often think of everything in adult terms, often forgetting that there are others around us who are also stressed and anxious. This post is for those that have children in their lives that might need some guidance with the subject of pet loss and grief. The focus of the article is on cats, but the advice applies to any beloved pet, regardless of the species.


Photo credit: DepositPhotos.com

As someone who is involved in the cat world nearly 24/7/365 via blogging, social media, and other outlets, very rarely does a day go by that I do not hear about one cat or another that has passed on. Online sites have become a therapeutic outlet for those who chose to share their grief publicly – I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes it is overwhelming because I take the circumstances to heart, grieving through association. Read more