Clockwork Kitty – Zee Works the Nightshift


A sampling of Zee’s homage in the early days. These were some of his favorite toys – especially carrot in the center and grey kitty to the right.

For most of us the weekend means a bit of relaxing after a hard week of work. For Zee, however, when it’s time for bed, come hell or high water, he takes his job of bringing stuffed toys into the bedroom Dan and I share VERY SERIOUSLY. With the exception of a brief sabbatical a couple of months ago whereby not a single toy graced the floor of our room, this cat punches in for his nightshift like clockwork.

It all started after his kittens, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, and Zeuss Catt were born. I can’t say for certain what his reasoning was, but it almost seemed like he was teaching them how to hunt prey and then bring the kill to Dan and I as some sort of homage to us for providing them with a safe and warm house, food, love, and care. Read more

Texts From Mittens – The Snarkiest Book Review and Giveaway of the Year


Wise Cat Lesson #1 – If there is a sun puddle to be found, always take the time to nap in it…

I’m always one of the first on board to champion looking at our cats to teach us wise lessons. You know, like taking the time to just relax, step away, and chill from all the stresses of everyday life with a wonderful nap in a sun puddle like they do. I’m also the worst at taking my own advice and tend to overwork myself to a frazzle sometimes. So, when I do relax, I’m often the polar opposite of my typically restrained, reserved, and logical persona. In other words, sometimes I go to the extreme and seek out entertainment like reality TV and way out there funny shows like South Park and Family Guy to just let my mind completely unwind. The same is true when I read. Most of the time I like to read assorted genres of novels that are 2 inches thick and take days to finish, but then there are the times I just want a quick read filled with fun, snark, sarcasm, and humor. And cats. Read more

When the Best Intentions of Caturday Stray….


A hot bubble bath and a glass of wine… ah… the stuff dreams are made of!

Remember that Calgon commercial? You know, the one where the lady is frazzled beyond believe and just wants a luxurious bubble bath to take away all her worries and stress. That’s where I am right now… I had planned a wonderfully reflective post for today. Only thing, as of 4:00 pm, I  hadn’t written it yet. I still had to go grocery shopping, feed the cats, make dinner, answer a string of emails, deal with a bunch of favors and stuff I had promised to do for other people, tend to cat related committee issues, and a whole bunch of whatever else mind-boggling stuff that adds up to one giant sigh of “oh-my-goodness-I-will-never-get-everything-done-today-I-need-glass-of-wine-to-unwind.” Read more

Writing and Publishing – How It All Began: My Interview with

Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey

Cats and computers… yeah, that would about sum me up. Add chocolate and coffee and we can call it a day. Seen here, I am with Kizmet along with my sweet angel cat, Harley.

I think it would be safe to assume that you all know I am a cat lover. Perhaps fanatic would be the better word, but regardless, some of you might not know the background story as to how my love of cats evolved into me becoming an author, award winning blogger, and publisher. Read more

A Most Blessed Easter to One and All From the Zee and Zoey Gang!

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From all of us – angel Jazz, Peanut,  angel Harley, Zee, Zoey, Kizmet, Jazmine, Mia, and Rolz – Happy Easter! (click image to enlarge)

We wish everyone a most blessed day today. We will be sharing the day with family – having a nice meal, coloring some eggs (who says you have to be a kid to color eggs, not us!) and just enjoying life in general. We hope you have a great day as well – Happy Easter!!!


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