ProCATstinating – Not Getting Things Done and Feline Good About It

I’m a highly goal-oriented, check-things-off-the-list-get-things-done kind of person. I’m also a vegetarian with healthy eating habits, I don’t smoke, and I try to get my 10,000 steps a day, in. Because of that, I’ve never been much on New Year resolutions, but with this being a new year, it did get me to realize despite some of my better habits, I’m also really good at proCATstinating about certain mundane things, such as putting away laundry, unpacking suitcases, making the bed, and keeping the couch pillows and blankets in tidy order. Now, you did catch me, I said proCATstinating, right? Read more

Happy New Year 2023 from Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

The lovely and elegant Zoey, our beautiful model for 2023.

2022 was a year filled with good, and not-so-good, and everything in between. Through the ups and downs of it all, we always remain grateful for the friends and family in our lives and hope 2023 will bring peace, joy, love, and safe times to all.

Love and purrs from Deb, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Kizmet, Jazmine, and Shadow.


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Meowy Christmas 2022 From Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles

Our lovely model, Jazmine.

Things have been a bit hectic and stressful here at Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles. My mom fell a couple of weeks ago and was admitted to the hospital for hip replacement surgery (the surgery went well, thank God). While there, she contracted Covid and was completely isolated from her friends and family, so as you can imagine, with her being 80 years old, I’ve been preoccupied. Thankfully, we got the best gift ever – she finally tested negative and is home for Christmas. I will be spending time with her and my precious family during the day, counting my blessings.

I had wanted to do a post featuring all the feline gang – Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Kizmet, Jazmine, and Shadow, but I just didn’t have time this year. But suffice it to say, we love you all and thank you for your support and friendship throughout the year.


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The Mane Event – A Discussion About Why Only Lions and Some Domestic Cats Have Them

This image of me from 2009, surrounded by Mia, Peanut, and Rolz epitomizes the past, present, and future of who I am.

For nearly most of my life, I’ve been an avid crocheter. I’m a person who needs center and balance and there is just something calming about the craft. I never tire of the magic of how my fingers, a crochet hook, and assorted colorful balls of yarn intertwine to weave a creation that comes to life before my eyes. Much of the peace also stems from my cats. I truly can’t recall a moment in which one of them is not curled next to me, or on my lap, purring contentedly as I quietly crochet whatever current project I’m working on. Read more

Black Cat Holiday Cards for Black Cat Friday!

Our gorgeous rescue, Shadow. Clearly, he makes a great case for supporting Black Cat Friday.

It’s almost here, the day after Thanksgiving that day which officially starts the hectic frenzy of Holiday shopping, aka Black Friday! However, at Zee & Zoey’s we respectfully request the day be called Black Cat Friday because let’s be honest, black cats rule!! In honor of both black cats and the holidays, I’m so excited to share the 2022 holiday greeting cards I created for Zee & Zoey’s Cat Creations shop on Zazzle – both featuring black cats! One is an elegant gold, silver, and black design, highlighting peace and reaching for the stars, and the other is a graphic design I created, incorporating none other than our rescue Shadow, in a stunning traditional red and green Christmas card with poinsettias. And since the poinsettias are fake, I don’t have to worry about Shadow ingesting any of the poisonous-to-cats, leaves!

I hope you enjoy the cards – if you care to place an order, please click on the card and it will take you directly to our Zazzle shop. And make sure you check out the great Black Friday deals Zazzle will be sharing – there is no reason to spend full price for a card because I’m certain there will be lots of discounts available!

Card front – gold, silver, and black design.

Card interior – Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All…

Graphic design in red and green with rescue cat, Shadow, and poinsettias.

Interior – Season Greetings and Wishes for a Joyous New Year!

We also have many other beautiful cat card designs, along with cat T-Shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and more if you’re looking for gifts. You can find everything, here. Please take care everyone and have a blessed Thanksgiving. We are missing our beloved Zee who won’t be with us this year. Despite that, I’ve elected to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving pictures I’ve created of the gang and have kept him in it, because he lives on in spirit.

Keep your cats safe, too – as always, sharing this useful graphic.

Love and peace from Deb and the gang.