Happy 7th Birthday to my Feline Loves – Rolz, Mia, and Peanut

The kittens at Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles are all grown up and turn 7 years old.

Happy 7th Birthday to three of my favorite felines – Rolz, Mia, and Peanut

I remember the day like it was yesterday – Zoey was pregnant and nearly bursting at the seams. She came into my bedroom early on the morning of February 12, 2009, to wake me up to let me know she wanted me to be with her. It was still pitch dark and I grabbed my robe to follow her into the living room where I curled up with her on the couch. Her silky body was toasty warm and she tucked herself into the crook of my belly, purring up a loud storm. Read more

Debunking the Misconceptions, Excuses, and Reasons Why People Don’t Spay or Neuter Their Cat for Spay/Neuter Month

Clearing up the myths, confusion, misconceptions, and excuses why people don't spay or neuter their cat

Distinguishing fact from fiction when it comes to spaying or neutering a cat is explained in an easy to understand list format.

The benefits of spay/neuter to a cat and society at large are so significant that it would seem the discussion would be closed for debate. The procedure is a safe, effective, and humane means to controlling cat overpopulation on the streets and in shelters, it significantly decreases the chances of uterine or testicular types of cancers and infections, and virtually reduces the negative behavioral issues associated with an unaltered cat such as loud yowling, spraying and territory marking, and aggressive fighting. Despite all of these collective benefits, however, some people still elect not to have the procedure done for one reason or another, so for February, Spay/Neuter Month, it seems appropriate to shed some cat hair on it all. Read more

Thanks Mr. Groundhog… We Appreciate an Early Spring!


Well, as per the usual tradition of Groundhogs Day on February 2nd,  Phil the Groundhog from Punxsutawney, PA is supposed to emerge from his burrow to predict whether or not we will  have an early spring or if  winter will stretch on until mid-March. The answer is based on hard, scientific evidence, i.e., whether or not he sees his shadow, and it’s a ritual that has been going on since 1887. The gist of it is simple – if he sees his shadow, we are in store for another 6 weeks of winter, if not, time to put the snow shovels away and break the sandals out! Naturally this was of extreme interest to our cats and they ran to the front window and waited with bated breath to see the outcome. Read more

No More Whisker Fatigue for Your Cat with the Dr. Catsby’s Feline Remedies Feeding Bowl – Giveaway and Review

Jazmine and Catsby bowl Considering my feline gang of seven comfortably naps nearly 18 hours a day, I’m hard-pressed to believe they have fatigue of any sort, but it turns out I’m wrong. Based on what I’ve learned from the folks at Dr. Catsby’s – a company that makes health conscious cat feeding bowls – my cats may have varying degrees of “whisker fatigue.” Read more

Chat’s Meow – A Fun Social Site for Cat, Crochet, Coffee, and Chocolate Lovers

Jazmine and afghan

The afghan was nearly completed here – just waiting to add the fringe. Jazmine can purr-sonally attest that the yarn is ideal for making biscuits!

If you’ll recall, I made the hair-brained decision to crochet an afghan a few days before Christmas as a gift for my youngest son. I got the idea because he lives up North in snow country and I knew it would be the perfect gift to keep him warm during the frigid winter months. Since he also has a cat, I knew she would love the gift too. It was supposed to be a “quick and easy” pattern (6 hours or less from start to finish), but the directions I found online were horribly written and it ended up being a day’s long project with me worrying that I would not finish it in time. Read more