Fall is Here! Time for Squirrel Watching on Cat Window TV!


We all know what summer TV can be like for us humans – a vast wasteland of repeats and sub- quality programming. The same can be said for CWTV (Cat Window TV). Sure watching birds, lizards, and bugs outside the window on a hot day can cause a tail to twitch, but after awhile, where’s the drama and intrigue? Yeah, the Blue Jays squawk a lot and the Morning Doves like to build nests in the hedges, but it’s relatively tame viewing and that’s why my gang is so happy fall is here because it means the squirrel channel on CWTV is back for a new season! Read more

Fashionable Feline – A Photo Shoot for Jazmine’s 2nd Birthday!

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When Jazmine came into our lives back in March of 2014, she was already on the path to becoming a full-fledged diva cat. Just look at that face – spunk, attitude, and confidence all rolled into one sweet kitty!

When you have a cat that came to you as a diva, when that said cat has a birthday, an ordinary blog post simply won’t do. Diva cats require celebrity treatment – perks, pampering, treats, adoration, and more. No quickie birthday card made from any old picture, with the words “Happy Birthday” hastily scrawled on it. No, it must be done right. A photo shoot with top notch photographers, lighting people,  and makeup artists to make sure the card is of the utmost taste and style. So, in honor of the 2nd birthday of our darling, sweet, spoiled, diva princess – little miss Jazmine – please join me in this exclusive, behind the scenes look at how her special birthday card was created this year. Read more

A Game of Katris and Mouse…

I helped spread the word a couple months ago about Katris – a cool company that makes eco-friendly, innovative, high quality block shapes that can be configured into a custom created modular cat scratching system that is practical and stylish for us humans and fun and healthy for our kitties. They were kind enough to send me one for my gang to try out, and not thinking, I chose the “L” shape, rather than “Z” for my Zee/Zoey brand. Read more

Happy Autumnal Equinox / First Day of Fall!


We don’t get much of an autumn in Florida, but this picture of Rolz taking a stroll near our hibiscus bush really gives the impression of a pretty fall day.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Fall (the autumnal equinox) begins on September 23, early in the morning at 4:21 a.m. In technical terms, the autumnal equinox is when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator from north to south.

In my South Florida terms, it means it will begin to get darker and darker each morning before I leave for work and it will also get darker a lot quicker before I cook dinner when I get home. The temperature will still be in the 90’s, as we don’t get our glorious, gift from God humidity-free temperatures until sometime in November, and we definitely don’t get the beautiful change in leaf color on the trees like our friends up North do.

What does it mean for the cats? Well, honestly, they seem to have internal clocks of their own, because they still know what time to wake me up in the morning before the alarm goes off and they still know what time dinner is! About the only change they will feel is less sunbeam bathing time during the day, which means more snuggle time on the bed instead of near the windows.


It’s almost time for all day kitty snuggling on the bed!

download Have a great one all – and as a side note – how many of you remember the Farmer’s Almanac? When I was growing up, it was a big part of my life. We lived in a very rural town on the east shore of Lake Ontario in New York and did a lot of gardening to sustain ourselves. The almanac helped us to gauge how long our growing season would be and if I remember correctly, it was always pretty accurate. How times have changed… now everything we need to know is just a keyboard click away…instantly updated as circumstances warrant…

International Talk Like a Pirate Day – What the Heck is it and Why the Fascination with Cats?


Please click image to enlarge… if ye dare…. arr…..

Well, here it is again – International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Trust me, when it comes to nonsensical reasons to Photoshop crazy stuff on my cats, I’m all for it. But seriously, what the heck is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Why and how did it begin? And how the heck is it that cats have taken to it with such fervor? Or, I supposes I should say, why have the human guardians to cats taken to it with such fervor? Read more