Life Takes an Unexpected Turn and We Have a Winner!

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Treats, naps, looking cute, chasing bugs…That’s my thing, okay? Not doing blog posts…

Hmmm… Let’s see. A couple of weekends ago I had to fill in for human Mom and do her Caturday blog post because she claimed she had a migraine or some lame excuse like that. Now, she claims she’s too busy and overwhelmed – another lame excuse if you ask me. Apparently out of the blue she was contacted by someone she used to work with and he offered her a job that was too good to refuse – since she already has a job, she had to commit to helping out at her old job while working at her new one. She calls it burning both ends of the candle. Whatever… all I know is that when I was rescued, I didn’t sign up to write blog posts, so I’m going to do what any respectable cat would do on a Caturday (or any day of the week now that I think about it…) Read more


National Feral Cat Day and Raising Awareness About Community Cats

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Feral cats have different degrees of human tolerance – this beautiful boy with his left ear clipped (a universal sign he has been altered) lives at Flamingo Gardens in S. Florida and is part of a well managed outdoor cat community on the premises. He stays in the background and runs if you get too close to him. He does not want to hurt anyone and just wants to be treated with respect. Click image to enlarge.

Years ago I never knew this, but cats were living outside all around me in places like abandoned buildings, empty parking lots, parks, alley ways, retail establishments, rural, city, and suburban neighborhoods and just about anywhere that offered shelter and a food source for them that you could think of. I have since learned that these cats are called ferals, a cat that has primarily only known a life outdoors with little to no human contact. Read more


The Cats Share a Most Glorious Moment in Time…

glorious-morningAh… Memories… I remember it like it was yesterday… Or like it was 6 days ago… Which it was… Yes, that’s right, for one brief moment in time last Sunday, October 5th, Dan and I were treated to one of those glorious South Florida mornings where the temperature was a blessed 68 degrees. No humidity, no scorching 90 plus degree temperatures that are now back with a vengeance, just a wonderfully beautiful morning. Read more


Pawsitive Connection – Book Giveaway and Guest Post by Author Stacey Ritz!


Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Greene County, OH. Their mission is to help animals through a variety of programs such as the Pet Food Pantry, Spay It Forward Program, Feral Cat Program and the Rescue/Adoption Program.

One of the greatest pleasures of being an animal lover is getting to know other animal lovers and one such of these people is Stacey Ritz, the co-founder and Executive Director of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. I have known Stacey for several years – primarily through our affiliation with the Cat Writer’s Association, but also because my beloved angel cat Harley was chosen as the cover cat for the Advocates 4 Animals 2013 calendar. Even though 2013 has come and gone, I proudly keep the calendar hung on my office wall so I can see my beautiful girl and I will forever be grateful to Stacey for giving me that keepsake. Read more


When Cats Do Blog Posts…


“Hey Jazmine,” says Zee. “Wake up, I need a favor from you!”

Hi y’all! Jazmine here! Zee just came to tell me that human Mom has a migraine and that I gotta wise up and do today’s blog post for her as a favor to him. Apparently a migraine makes Mom really grumpy which makes Zee grumpy too because he doesn’t like to see Mom suffering. He says that according to Mom, a migraine feels like having a crowbar inside your head, splitting it in half. Yikes… that doesn’t sound too nice at all and since she does feed us and scoop our litter, I guess filling in for her is the least I can do. I’m just gonna grab Mia and Rolz for some help since I’m kinda new to this blogging thing… Read more