D.O.G. in da C.A.T. House!


Peanut shares her subtle reaction at the news a D.O.G. is in our house!

Okay, look, in all fairness, I did warn everyone on Wednesday that we would be dog-sitting my granddog, Rick, this weekend, but somehow I get the impression the cats didn’t take me seriously… Read more


Not Really Wordless Wednesday – Waiting for the Weekend

Shhh…. I’m trying to type as quietly as possible so as not to upset the cats. We have company coming this weekend and I’m not entirely sure how they will feel about it. Actually, what I meant to say is that we will be dog si……….

kizmet Read more


Official Caturday Announcement! Spring is Here!

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Zee sure does seem excited! I wonder what he’s talking about!


Best not to be rude… Lets follow him to see what’s going on!


Oh! That’s right! Spring officially started yesterday! That sure is something to meow over! I see Jazmine is celebrating by climbing a tree – so is Kizmet, but he’s hard to find at first glance (click image to enlarge to help see him!)

Yes, finally! After a dreadfully long winter, spring officially started yesterday according to the calendar. Granted, in Florida that doesn’t really mean much of anything, but for all of our friends that live in colder climates, we do hope that things are finally starting to warm up a bit for you. To help celebrate the season, I put together a fun compilation of some pictures of my gang enjoying a supervised outdoor excursion.


Beautiful Mia hiding behind some papyrus where she thinks we can’t see her!


Peanut is taking in all the wonderful sights and smells that the outdoors has to offer!


Hmmm…. Rolz lets us know that it looks like the pool needs to be cleaned…


And Zoey is telling us the fountain needs water…

Well, thanks a lot Rolz and Zoey. I thought this was just going to be a light and carefree post highlighting some spring images, but I guess we have yard work on the agenda for this weekend. Oh well… I’m not complaining – it’s good exercise and thankfully we don’t have mountains of snow to deal with! What kind of plans do you all have for this weekend?


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: One for the Mancats

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Obviously I adore all my kitties, but today for Semi-Wordless Wednesday I decided to focus on the beautiful mancats of the household by sharing a picture of each of them in their full, stunning glory. I think what I love the most is how they all seem to have the same regal pose – paws outstretched in casual elegance as if to say, “yes,” please do admire our beauty.

Enjoy and best wishes for a happy rest of your week!


Zee hanging out on the kitchen counter. This is one of his favorite lounge spots because it is centrally located, allowing him to be able to easily keep an eye on all of his beloved humans!


Clearly Rolz gets his regal posture from his papa Zee. Seen here he is gracing one of the many cat condos in our house that is obviously well-loved and used!


While Kizmet might not be blood related like Zee and Rolz, he still manages a graceful, regal, and stunning posture just like they do.


Cats Cleaning Up for Caturday!

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A typical bathroom would have an assortment of bath and beauty products like these and many, many more…

If you think about it, it’s really quite fascinating. Collectively us humans probably spend untold billions of dollars each year using products to keep the skin and hair on our bodies suitably coiffed, groomed, perfumed,  and cleaned. Body washes in every appealing scent known to mankind, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, facial cremes, toners, astringents, shaving cream, lotions, colognes, deodorants, and more. And, of course, within those categories are a mind-boggling variety of products to chose from. Want soap? Did you want mild, scented, unscented, antibacterial, for sensitive skin, or something made from natural ingredients only? Not to mention the devices to aid in the process – from razors to loofah sponges to wash clothes and everything in-between. There must be literally thousands upon thousands of ways to help keep us looking and smelling as beautiful as can be. Read more