The Zee and Zoey Kitties Have a Special Visitor This Summer!


Rolz here… Did I mention Jackie was here… And that I am very happy?!!!

Oh happy dance of joy!! Jackie is here!! Jackie is here!! That’s right… human Dad’s youngest daughter is visiting us kitties FOR A WHOLE MONTH this summer and she is here now!!!!! She flew all the way down to Florida from Boston and we love, love, love when she comes to visit! We haven’t seen her since last year when she came to visit us for Christmas and we have missed her tons, even though we don’t like admitting it because it kind of blows our aloof and independent cover, but, the truth is, when Jackie is here everything is fun to the super, premium max!! Read more


Extraordinary Behavior – Does Your Cat Have a Sixth Sense?

six-senseThere is no doubt that cat’s experience the five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste in a much more heightened level that humans do. Using every part of their body to communicate and survive – eyes, ears, whiskers, mouth, nose, tail, and paws, they navigate through life with incredible prowess and skill. I believe as well that they have a sixth sense that enables them to be intuitive above and beyond those senses, giving them a complex level of understanding far beyond what appears on the surface. Read more


What a Typical Summer Day for a Cat is Like in South Florida


Rolz and Mia celebrate the new day with a toasty warm sun puddle to nap in!

For us Zee and Zoey kitties living in South Florida, our typical summer day begins with us eating breakfast and then we retire to the closest sun puddle for a much-needed and glorious all day nap. At some point that nap will be interrupted like clockwork with a thunderstorm that will cause all of our wonderful sunbeams to go away. The storms come at least once a day and typically they will occur at some point between 1:00 pm through 5:00 pm, all depending on what time the human mom is scheduled to leave work for the day and has to drive home in the torrential downpour or if we are planning to grill outside. Read more


Cats, Crocheting, and Reading… A Forever Calming Influence in My Life…

yarn-2I shared with you on Wednesday some of the ways I like to disconnect from the world to give my mind a mental recharge – stepping away from technology, reading a book, and listening to soothing music were some of the things I mentioned. Another activity that I did not mention is one that has been a cherished favorite of mine that stems back to when I was a little girl – crocheting warm and cozy afghans. Read more


Unplugging From Stress and Finding Inner Calm and Peace With the Help of Our Feline Friends!


Guess what folks, try as we might, we can’t control the world, so why not just focus on the life you are blessed to have around you…

I don’t do it nearly enough but this past weekend was a serious exercise in unplugging myself from all things technological. I found my brain being surrounded by a dizzying array of unhealthy karma and so boom, just like that, I walked away. I picked up an Anne Rice novel I had gotten for Christmas to read (The Wolf Gift) and I also situated myself with a red pen to start the editing process with the rough draft of my book. Read more